easy2pickDon’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for your luggage at the airport carousel, but everyone seems to have the same bag as you? Well, the folks over at X-treme Geek have developed this nifty little gadget to help you with that problem. Called easy2pick, it is comprised of a tag which you affix to your luggage, and a keychain sensor which you keep with you. When the sensor is within 66 feet of the tag, the sensor will sound an alarm, flash and vibrate to let you know that your bag is approaching you real soon. It has unique ID codes so your alarm won’t go off if somebody else is using the same device, and its 100-hour battery life is prolonged due to sensors that deactivate the tag by measuring the light, altitude and even sounds around the bag. It sure sounds like a helpful device for frequent travelers. The easy2pick is available from the X-treme Geek online store for $24.95.

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