Do you not like lugging around your luggage in the train station, or perhaps you wanted a more novel way of transporting your luggage within the confines of the airport (or anywhere else for that matter)? Well it looks like Samsonite has come up with a pretty fun and interesting luggage that will allow you to bring it around with you in a rather novel way.


It’s called the Micro Suitcase which is in reality, a mini-scooter, as you can see in the photo above. Pull it out and your suitcase transforms into a mini-scooter that you can use as a mode of transportation or fold it back in if you are going for a more serious/conventional look. After all you don’t see many men wearing suits and riding a mini-scooter through the airport or train station.

It is a certified luggage, which means you can bring it aboard planes, so if you’re interested on getting your hands on the Micro Suitcase, it will cost you anywhere from 200-250 GBP and you can get them at micro-scooter’s website. Apparently there are no problems riding this through Europe’s airports, but we wonder if the TSA might have something to say about that.

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