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Lumia 525 Hacked To Run Android 6.0.1
The Nokia Lumia 525 was launched about 3 years ago, which means that by now and by the standards of the mobile industry, the handset could be considered practically ancient. If you did buy the phone and you have it lying around somewhere, or maybe if you’re still using it, how about breathing some new life into it?

Nokia Lumia 525 Announced
It’s probably common knowledge by now that the Nokia Lumia 520 is Nokia’s most popular Windows Phone handset to date. In fact it seems that it is probably the most popular Windows Phone handset so far, so we guess it’s to no surprise that Nokia has announced a successor in the form of the Lumia 525. We had heard rumors about the Lumia 525 for a while now and even […]

Lumia 525 Picture Leaks
Nokia is expected to unveil the successor to its popular Lumia 520 in the near future. Over the past couple of weeks we have been consistently hearing rumors about the Nokia Lumia 525, the smartphone that was initially expected to be announced at Nokia World 2013 last month. This device, apparently codenamed “Glee,” is said to be music centric. Earlier today the purported specification list of the Lumia 525 was […]

Nokia Lumia 525 Full Specs Leaked
The Nokia Lumia 525 is the Finnish company’s upcoming handset which based on its model number, is presumably the successor to Nokia’s highly successful Nokia Lumia 520 which has surprisingly been dominating the charts in developing markets, presumably due to its affordable price. In any case thanks to a sighting on a Chinese Baidu website, a press rendering of the device has been leaked along with the full specifications of […]


Purported Nokia Lumia 525 Pictures Leaked
We’ve been hearing quite a lot recently that Nokia has yet another smartphone up its sleeve, one that it didn’t unveil at its grand Nokia World 2013 event last month. The smartphone was originally rumored to be announced at the event, but somehow it didn’t make the cut. Nokia is now expected to announce it in the near future, though a concrete date has not yet emerged. Purported pictures of […]

Nokia Lumia 525 Reportedly Being Released Soon
Prior to Nokia World 2013, it was rumored that the company might finally unveil a successor to its successful Lumia 520 smartphone. The successor was believed to be internally known as “Glee,” and it is said to be music centric. However, Nokia didn’t even mention the Lumia 525 a.k.a “Glee” at its event, but even then rumors about its impending release have been coming in almost every week. The infamous […]

Nokia Lumia 525 Accidentally Confirmed
Apart from unveiling high-end handsets like the Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia has low-end devices in the works too and according to the rumors, one of them is allegedly that of the Lumia 525, also known as “Glee”, which is apparently the successor to the highly popular and successful Nokia Lumia 520. While the Lumia 525 “Glee” did not make an appearance at the recent Nokia World event, Nokia seems to […]

Nokia "Glee" Might Actually Be The Lumia 525
A few days ago we reported that Nokia is expected to launch a new low end Lumia smartphone which will be music centric. The smartphone reportedly carries the “Glee” codename. Recent reports suggest that this device might actually be the successor to Nokia’s insanely popular Lumia 520. This particular device, Lumia 520, is actually said to be the single best selling Windows device out there and Nokia might be willing […]