Nokia Lumia 610 To Get Angry Birds?

It seems that Rovio’s hugely successful gaming franchise that is known as Angry Birds might have made its way to yet another platform that is known as the Nokia Lumia 610. Are there no platforms that are not sacred to this avian flinging title? Not really, and Angry Birds fans who own a Nokia Lumia 610 would definitely be more than happy to hear this from the grapevine. In fact, […]

Nokia and Quicksilver launch special edition Lumia 610

Nokia seems to have a lot of promotional tie-ins with its Nokia Lumia phones. Not too long ago the company was promoting the Lumia 900 with The Dark Knight Rises movie, and now it looks like they’re at it again with a limited edition Lumia 610. This time in conjunction with Quiksilver,  the phone isn’t vey different from the original Lumia 610 – you just get 20 Quiksilver wallpapers, a […]

Rovio looking to fix Angry Birds for the Nokia Lumia 610

It just was yesterday that we had reported that apps like Angry Birds would not be able to run on the Nokia Lumia 610, ultimately joining the ranks of other apps such as Skype and PES 2012. If that managed to put you off from purchasing a Windows Phone device, fret not as according to Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, it seems that the Finnish company is currently working […]

Angry Birds and PES 2012 Join Skype on Nokia Lumia 610 No Support List

Awhile back, we reported an article about how Nokia are no longer recommending users to run Skype on their Lumia 610s due to the lack of RAM. Now however, it seems that a couple more high-profile applications have also joined the list. Microsoft apparently said that 95% of applications currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace should still be able to run on the Lumia 610 but the folks over […]


Nokia drops support for Skype on the Lumia 610 citing below par user experience

A while back we reported that the beta version of Skype was finally making its way onto Windows Phone devices. After all the money that Microsoft had spent acquiring the company, we guess we can’t say that we’re too surprised. However it looks like that joy may be short-lived. According to Nokia, it seems that they have decided to drop support for the Skype app on their Lumia 610 Windows […]

Skype for Windows Phone runs on Nokia Lumia 610

We do know that Skype for Windows Phone was launched officially a couple of days ago, and there were some concerns that the mobile version of the VoIP app is unable to run on Windows Phone devices that had a mere 256MB RAM. Well, it seems that it is not an issue with the Nokia Lumia 610, as it has been confirmed to run on this entry level Nokia smartphone […]

Nokia Lumia 610 NFC officially announced, heads to Orange first

Yes, so the Lumia 610 was spotted in a leak earlier this morning, but it seems that the best way to counter such a thing by any company would be to announce it officially, quelling all possible chances of a rumor later on. This is the case with the Nokia Lumia 610 which sports NFC capabilities (alongside some accessories that you might want to purchase to keep it company), and […]

Nokia Lumia 610 with NFC spotted in leaked video

For those living in the UK, the good news is that thanks to a leaked video, the Nokia Lumia 610 appears to be launching on the Orange carrier and will come with NFC. Microsoft had long teased Windows Phone users with the possibility of NFC, and it looks like if you were looking forward to an NFC-enabled Windows Phone device, the Lumia 610 might very well be the handset you […]

Nokia Lumia 610 has WiFi hotspot capabilities

When the Nokia Lumia 610 was announced at the end of last month in Barcelona, Spain, the world rejoiced at the fact that there is another far more affordable Windows Phone handset in the market to play around with, just in case the Lumia 800 is out of your reach. Well, being more expensive does not necessarily translate to being better, as both the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 […]

Nokia thinks they need even cheaper Lumia phones

Nokia has attempted to break into the smartphone market with their new range of Windows Phone handsets as part of the Finnish company’s Lumia series of smartphones, all of which are priced much lower compared to their Android and iOS competition, and taking the cake would be the Nokia Lumia 610 which was revealed at MWC and would be Nokia’s cheapest Windows Phone to date at €189. Now to most […]

Nokia Lumia 610 hands on

[MWC 2012] After the official announcement, I got some hands-on time with the Nokia Lumia 610. It is a small device that has a bit of an entry-level feel to it, which is completely normal, but as expected, he Windows Phone interface ran flawlessly and was fluid at all times. I suspect that high-powered games or apps will run noticeably slower than on the high-end Windows Phone, but it’s really […]

Nokia Lumia 610 has been made official, shoppers on a budget rejoice!

[MWC 2012] In order for Nokia and Microsoft to gain a foothold with Windows Phone devices in developing markets, a budget Windows Phone device is a good way to do so, and if you’re after such a device then perhaps the Nokia Lumia 610 could be the phone that you are looking for.