Lumia 928

Verizon: Lumia 822, Lumia 928 Are Sold Out Online
So, you happen to be a Verizon subscriber, and are on the verge of changing your handset to a new one since your old one is just about to call it quits. Having done your research and taking note of your preference, you have decided to settle on the Windows Phone format. Well, if you intend to do so with Verizon, then a Lumia-branded Windows Phone smartphone would be the […]

Verizon To Update Nokia Lumia 822 And Lumia 928
If you happen to be rocking to either a Nokia Lumia 822 or a Nokia Lumia 928 with Verizon, then you would most probably be pleased as punch to hear that the mobile carrier intends to roll out the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, where it will be complete alongside Lumia Denim, to both of the above mentioned handsets. The updates will throw in the likes of Cortana, which is […]

Microsoft Knocking $100 Off Lumia 928, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520
Microsoft recently announced Windows Phone 8.1 and with the update, Microsoft will be bringing about a host of changes and new features to the platform, one of them being much rumored voice assistant feature, Cortana.With the changes Microsoft has made, it certainly sounds like Windows Phone 8.1 is starting to catch up to the competition and if you were thinking about making the switch or thinking about upgrading your current […]

Nokia Pro Camera Arrives On Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 920 And Lumia 928
At long last, the Nokia Pro Camera has finally arrived on three more Nokia Lumia devices after we talked about it before, namely the Nokia Lumia 925, the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 928 via its Amber update which has started to roll out from today onwards. The Nokia Pro Camera is said to be a whole lot more than an app, where it is a completely re-imagined user interface […]


Nokia Lumia 928 Owners Reporting Random Freezes
Are you planning on picking up a Nokia Lumia 928 for yourself? If you are perhaps you might want to hold out until an update has been issued because according to a smattering of reports across the internet’s various forums, such as Verizon, Microsoft, Nokia, and etc., it seems that the Lumia 928 is experiencing a bit of a freezing problem. At the moment it is unknown as to why […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Review
Nokia Lumia 928 Review | We take a look at the Nokia Lumia 928, which is a slightly improved version of the Lumia 920, available on Verizon.

Verizon Reportedly Confirms Seven AWS Ready Devices
Verizon has reportedly confirmed seven devices that will be compatible with its AWS band when it goes live later this year. These devices include BlackBerry Q10 and Nokia Lumia 928 as well.

Nokia Lumia 928 Ad Blatantly States Its Camera Is Better Than The iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S4
While the Nokia Lumia 928 is one of the Finnish company’s latest handsets, it is certainly going up against stiff competition from the like of Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4, but it looks like Nokia is not shy when it comes to taking jabs at the competition. Nokia has released a new ad for the Lumia 928, basically touting the phone’s ability to snap photos and videos in […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Available On Verizon For Purchase, Will Ship By May 20
Nokia announced its Lumia 928 would be making its way to Verizon starting on May 16 for $100 with a two-year agreement last week and it looks like that’s kind of half true as the device is now available to purchase on Verizon’s website, but it won’t be in your hands for a couple of days.When ordering the Nokia Lumia 928 online, customers will be met with a message saying the […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Alleged Images Leaked
Nokia has an event lined up for tomorrow in London, where it is set to announce a new Lumia device. It is widely believed that Nokia Lumia 925 is going to be announced tomorrow, though there has been no official confirmation from the company. Twitter user @evleaks, well known for solid track record of leaking pictures of new devices before they’re announced, has tweeted images of what is claimed to […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Headed To Verizon On May 16 For $100
We think it’s safe to say the Nokia Lumia 928 has to be one of the most leaked Nokia devices we’ve ever seen as it’s shown up at private parties, on billboards, in magazines, and a leaked webpage. With all of those leaks, we think it was about time Nokia officially unveiled the Lumia 928, which is exactly what the company did today.Although this isn’t Nokia’s official announcement, which will be taking place in […]

Nokia Lumia 928's Video Capabilities Shown Off In New Video
It seems that after all the leaks of the Nokia Lumia 928, the Finnish company has probably had enough and has decided to tease us on an almost daily basis until the official announcement on the 14th of May. Once again, Nokia does not refer to this device as the Lumia 928, but rather the “new” Nokia Lumia, which we guess we all know is the Lumia 928 to begin […]

Nokia Uploads Another Lumia 928 Photo
The Nokia Lumia 928 has been “officially” revealed over the past couple of days, although to be fair Nokia has yet to officially name the device, simply referring to it as the Nokia Lumia in videos and photos. In any case the Finnish company has since uploaded a new photo of a phone which presumably is that of the Lumia 928 in all of its official glory. This shot of […]

Verizon CEO 'Hints' At BlackBerry Q10 And Lumia 928 Release
During an investor conference earlier today, Verizon CEO Dan Mead said that there’s an important opportunity in their industry for both BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Both of these ailing platforms are widely considered as natural contenders for the third spot in the market that is largely dominated by Apple and Samsung. Windows Phone has struggled quite a lot in the start, whereas it has only been four months since BlackBerry […]