2DBoy is the group behind a new movement called ‘Because we May’, which is in conjunction with the belief that developers should have the freedom to price games however they see fit without online stores on which the games are available; interfering. The purpose as to why they believe that pricing should be free is because it would give developers the ability to promote their games freely since it is a livelihood for some of them, and like any sales venture; they believe that pricing is an important tool.

In celebration of online stores that provide free pricing, paid games by developers will undergo a deep discount from May 24 through June 1. The stores that are involved in this endeavor are the iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Steam and a few others. As for the ‘few others’, it includes a “direct from Developer” option so that might be cool as well. Of course for avid gamers, we will be looking forward to the last week of May when we can purchase top notch games such as World of Goo and Osmos at cheaper prices but until then, if you’re a developer and you’re looking to join in on the fun, head over to the movement’s website and sign in your game to the promotion as well. Be quick though, because developer’s registration ends on Tuesday, May 22.

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