Articles about machine learning

Google's Algorithm Flags Restaurants Likely To Give You Food Poisoning
Google has developed a new algorithm in collaboration with researchers from Harvard University that can flag restaurants that could possibly leave you with food poisoning. The algorithm is capable of flagging lapses in food safety in almost real time. It has tested this algorithm in Las Vegas and Chicago to cross reference users’ food poisoning-related search terms with saved location history data from smartphones about restaurants recently visited by the […]

Google May Leverage Machine Learning To Reduce Chrome Memory Usage
Chrome is not going to win any awards for its memory usage. On the contrary, the most popular internet browser out there has often taken flak for its high memory usage. While Google has made many improvements to that over the past year or so, it appears that the company will now leverage machine learning to further reduce its browser’s memory usage.

University Of Arizona Predicts Drop Outs By Tracking Student ID Cards
The University of Arizona is running a research program to predict which students are most likely to drop out of college. The program tracks their student ID cards which are used by students at the library, rec center, student union, residence halls, and other facilities such as the convenience store, mail room, salon, and movie theater. Every time their ID cards are swiped at these locations a digital trace is […]

LG ThinQ Artificial Intelligence to Power 2018 LG TVs
[CES 2018] At CES 2018, LG will introduce ThinQ a voice interface which is powered by LG’s own artificial intelligence (A.I) engine called DeepThinQ. As you can guess, it is based on deep-learning which is the new buzzword these days, but we’re looking forward to seeing the fruits this will bear.


Uber Will Use Machine Learning To Reduce Surge Pricing
Many consider surge pricing to be one of the negative points of Uber. The ride-sharing service maintains that surge pricing allows it to ensure that passengers can always get a ride when they need one, even if it comes at an inflated cost. It’s not like the company hasn’t come under fire for using surge pricing and even though it won’t do away with it entirely, Uber says it’s going to […]

New Algorithm Enables Machines To Learn Like Humans
Significant advancements have been made in the field of machine learning but we’re still not at a point yet where we can say that a machine is finally able to match a human’s ability to see one example and intuitively figure out what a symbol or object might mean. Computers first have been fed countless examples before they’re able to make a similar observation, but a new algorithm developed by […]

Google's TensorFlow Machine Learning System Is Now Open Source
TensorFlow is a machine learning system that powers services like Google Photos, Google Translates and serves as the backbone of features such as search and Smart Reply. The company uses TensorFlow to improve its products by training its neural networks faster but it’s looking for a bit of help and that’s why Google has decided to make TensorFlow open source. This will allow the community to tap into this technology and allow […]