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Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Update To Offer Maemo And MeeGo Dual Booting
Nokia N900 owners might have a little something extra to boast about their phone soon. As it stands, the phone is powered by Maemo, but an upcoming PR 1.3 update promises to allow the phone to dual boot between Maemo and MeeGo, offering you a different experience on the same phone. There is also the possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs […]

Firefox 4 Beta For Android And Maemo Is Now Available
Maemo and Android users should take note that the Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo is now available for download, giving you a chance to check out the upcoming features from the popular browser. If you’re a developer, Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo offers the ability to build powerful mobile apps and add-ons using the latest Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Benefits of this […]

Android port for N900 is up and running nicely
The NITDroid project which intends to get the Android operating system up and running on the Nokia N900 has seem promising progress, and the latest video (which is available in the extended post) will also allow you to make phone calls. Not only that, cellular data is coming along nicely. When it is ready to be released for prime time action, will you still be sticking to the Maemo operating […]

Archos 5 Internet tablet hacked, runs on Maemo operating system
The Archos 5 Internet tablet seems to have had an “upgrade” (this word is relative depending on which camp you’re on as you read further) where its operating system is concerned thanks to a bunch of hackers who decided to have the device run on Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo operating system instead of the standard Google Android OS which it ships with. With Maemo installed, you are able to take advantage […]


Nokia N900 gets Evernote mobile memory tool
We’ve reviewed the Nokia N900 late last year, and while the device was pretty decent as a smartphone, it still doesn’t possess that “must have” factor associated with the iPhone 3GS. Having said that, there weren’t a whole lot of quality applications back then, even until today, which is why the Evernote mobile memory tool comes across as a refreshing oasis in the middle of the desert. The Evernote Sharing […]

Mac OS X 10.3 Running On Nokia N900
So you’ve seen Nokia’s N900 dual booting Maemo and Android, nothing too special about that, right? Well, what about a full blown Mac OS X 10.3 installation? Now that’s a rather impressive feat, wouldn’t you say? Thanks to the help of PearPC, a Power PC emulator, this was achievable, though there are obvious downsides to this approach. The most noticeable would be that it took nearly 2 hours to boot […]

Aigo N500 MID runs on Maemo
Aigo’s latest MID (Mobile Internet Device) is the N500 which will be powered by an ARM-based 806MHz Marvell PXA310+ processor that runs off the Maemo operating system. Strangely enough, N500 is very close to what you would call a Nokia device, and the fact that this is the second non-Nokia device to run Maemo makes things all the more interesting. The Aigo N500 will feature a 4.3″ WVGA resistive touchscreen […]

Nokia N900 Can Dual Boot Android And Maemo
Nokia’s N900 is certainly a cool phone, but the Maemo 5 OS that it runs may not be for everybody. Considering that Google’s Android OS is one of the more popular operating systems out there at the moment, it’s really cool to find out that a person called Brandon Roberts has managed to get Nokia’s N900 to dual-boot Maemo and Android. It’s currently still a proof-of-concept, but it seems pretty […]

Fennec on Nokia N900
Nokia’s N900 will be the first Maemo-powered device to get a taste of Fennec, also known as Firefox Mobile. The final version of FireFox Mobile will be available soon (as an optional download), but Nokia N900 owners can already get a foretaste of things to come by downloading the beta version way before that. We’ve seen a demo of Fennec running on the N900, and it seems pretty clear that […]

Nokia Busted For N900 SNES Emulator
Nokia’s certainly putting a lot of effort into promoting its N900, but it seems that it might have gone a step too far with its latest video (which has since be yanked off YouTube). It was boasting that the N900 could run emulators and showed it running SNES emulators, which is fine, but the problem is that they showcased a video of Super Mario World and Super Ghouls and Ghosts […]

Nokia N900 Review
Nokia is facing a tide of ferocious competitors in the lucrative high-end smartphone market, but the company is on the move: Nokia is battling on multiple fronts a the same time: OS, app store, maps and devices. With the N900, Nokia wanted to build a “handheld computer with phone functionalities”. I suspect that for prospective users, if it looks like a phone, it should work like a phone. Nokia has […]

Nokia Maemo launched with Nokia N900
As tipped, the Nokia Maemo has been announced alongside the new Nokia N900 smartphone, where this Linux-based software is able to offer a computing experience similar to that of a PC on a device that is no larger than your average smartphone. The N900 will be the next generation of Internet tablets, where it will be powered by the new Maemo 5 software that allows one to have dozens of […]

Nokia Future Tablet Screenshot Leaked
A screenshot of what’s supposed to be a Widget home page running on Maemo (an open-source Linux-based OS from Nokia) could make its way to Nokia smartphones. The homepage itself would work like a “netvibes” homepage, with user-selected widgets. The whole thing would be ad-supported, which reminds us from the ad-supported computers fiasco from a few years back. Some believe that ads will be targeted to the location and the […]