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HTC TITAN unboxed
The HTC TITAN has yet to be released in this side of the world, but it has just been released in the UK. Thanks to the power of YouTube and folks over at TechnoBuffalo, we get to witness one of the first few unboxing videos for this upcoming Windows Phone device from HTC. Just in case you forgot, the recently announced HTC TITAN is HTC’s Mango phone with a large […]

Windows Phone Tango1 update arriving in early 2012?
Microsoft released its Mango update for Windows Phone devices last week, and it looks like the company could already be gearing up to release the next big update for its mobile operating system. According to reports online, Microsoft Thailand’s Managing Director, Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhayay; the company is set to launch its “biggest consumer brand campaign” later this year and was quoted as saying: “[Microsoft] plans to collaborate with global […]

Samsung owners will have to wait for Mango update
Earlier we reported that the Mango update for Windows Phone has apparently been rolled out a lot faster than expected, and has apparently been sent out to 50% of Windows Phone users around the world. At the rate they’re going, it looks like Microsoft may not even need four weeks to do a complete rollout as they had initially planned. The bad news is that just like the NoDo update, […]

Windows Phone Mango update sent out to 50% of the world
Even though the Windows Phone Mango update was released last week and you haven’t received your Windows Phone Mango update today – don’t worry. Microsoft hasn’t even pushed out the update to the whole world yet. According to them, as of today – Microsoft has only made Windows Phone 7.5 available to 50% of the world. And even though it’s available to 50% of the world, there’s still no guarantee […]


HTC Hub for Windows Phone Mango updated
The Mango update for Windows Phone devices started rolling out last week, and it looks like companies are starting to update their apps for the operating system as well. HTC has updated its HTC Hub app with a revised user interface and additional functionality. One of the main points about the new version is that it the app now makes use of the typical Windows Phone 7 panorama UI, which […]

Nokia Ace, rumored high-end Windows Phone device specs leaked
It looks like those of you who have been holding out for a Nokia Windows Phone device might be rewarded for your patience. The folks over at MyNokiaBlog recently received an email from an anonymous tipster with details concerning the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone devices. In the email were the specs for the Nokia SeaRay, Saber and a new phone unheard of before: Ace.

Nokia's Windows Phone devices to feature 3D maps and voice-controlled navigation?
Are you curious as to what Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone handsets will be bringing to the table? Well according to Microsoft, Nokia apparently has special permissions to modify Windows Phone a little bit more than what other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC can do, and it looks like 3D maps and voice controlled navigation will be one of them.

Windows Phone 7 Mango delivery begins today
Earlier we reported that the Windows Phone 7 Mango update for the Sprint HTC Arrive would be here – but it looks like the HTC device won’t be the only phone to officially receive Mango today. According to the Windows Phone “Where’s my phone update?” page, all carriers have started delivering the update. In the column for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), all the carriers have been labeled as “Delivering update” which […]

Sprint HTC Arrive receiving Mango today
Great news Sprint HTC Arrive users – after being spotted running Mango at a Las Vegas Sprint store, it looks like the update is finally arriving on the smartphone today. Sprint has updated the official support page for the HTC Arrive with Windows Phone Mango information on its website. The support page lists the release date of the update: September 27th (today) details what the update will bring to the phone, […]

Whatsapp arrives on Windows Phone
Folks who have been holding out from getting a Windows Phone device because their favorite app wasn’t available on the platform have one app less to wait for now. Whatsapp, the popular multi-platform messaging app has finally arrived on Windows Phone 7. Available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian, the app allows users to message each other using data instead of regular texts. This means no […]

ZTE Tania: ZTE's first Windows Phone device
It looks like a new player has arrived on the Windows Phone market. ZTE has officially announced its debut Windows Phone device – the ZTE Tania. While it may be a bit late, seeing how Windows Phone 7 is almost a year old, but hey – it’s better being late than never, right? Fortunately being late means ZTE’s first Windows Phone handset will get preloaded with Mango.The phone packs the […]

HTC Arrive with Mango seen in Las Vegas Sprint store
Mango has arrived…on the Arrive. OK, so that might be a wee bit lame, but at least it signals the end of the weekend, and a brand new work week is about to start. Someone spotted a HTC Arrive that had Windows Phone Mango running on it at a Las Vegas Sprint store. This is certainly a wee bit early considering Sprint customers are said to start receiving their Windows […]

Unlocked Dell Venue Pro to get Mango update before AT&T
So we know that Windows Phone’s Mango update is expected to roll out in a week or two, although we’re guessing that not all handsets will be able to get it immediately, and there’s also the issue with waiting for carriers to roll out the update as well. The good news for Dell users who own the Dell Venue Pro smartphone is that if you happen to own an unlocked […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango rolling out in a week or two
While we all know that Mango has been completed for some time now, and we’re just waiting for phone manufacturers and carriers to start pushing the update out, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard any news about the update. Well, here to put an end to all rumors and speculation, Eric Hautala, General Manager of Windows Phone, announced on the official Windows Phone blog that the Mango update […]