HTC Arrive
Great news Sprint HTC Arrive users – after being spotted running Mango at a Las Vegas Sprint store, it looks like the update is finally arriving on the smartphone today. Sprint has updated the official support page for the HTC Arrive with Windows Phone Mango information on its website. The support page lists the release date of the update: September 27th (today) details what the update will bring to the phone, and the instructions on how to update it.


It looks like you’ll need to have Zune installed and updated on your computer in order to receive the update. You’ll also need to enable notifications for new updates if you want to know whether the update is ready for your phone, or you can check it manually on your phone by going to Start > Applications > Settings > Phone update.

The list of improvements that will be arriving with Mango are too many to mention here – Microsoft has revealed in the past that there will be half a thousand new features. But you can expect the features like Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, revamped Marketplace UI, Dynamic Live tile information, all messaging communication organized in a single thread and more. Let’s hope that the Mango update doesn’t go through the same problems that were encountered during the NoDo update (bricking etc).

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