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Microsoft Games Hub on Windows Phone Mango unveiled
You know that Microsoft’s foray into the video game console market all those years ago with the original Xbox certainly brought about a renewal, taking over the old vanguard of Sega. Well, time has passed and Microsoft has yet to crack into the Japanese market with their Xbox 360, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t successful in its own home ground – the US. Microsoft wants to take their […]

Windows Phone Bing audio search works like Shazam
Wow, it looks like Windows Phone users won’t have to fork out money to use premium versions of music-recognition apps like Shazam in the future. The Mango update to Windows Phone 7 eschews the need for such apps, since the new Bing has a feature called audio search that does the same thing.

HTC Mazaa GPU performance showcased
The HTC Mazaa does not look as though it will ever hit the mass market for reasons that HTC only knows, but it seems as though this is a souped up version of the HTC Trophy. Interestingly enough, this smartphone was the giveaway prize in at least two of Microsoft developer contests, but at least it is a benchmark of what is to come with the next generation of Windows […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango out this September 1st?
Update: This is just a rumor as it has been debunked by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore in a tweet. Read more about it here.Could Microsoft actually make Windows Phone 7 Mango available this coming September 1st? Perhaps, as there is a new rumor making its rounds on the Internet that Microsoft has picked September 1st as the release date for Windows Phone 7 Mango. According to Pocket-lint, they say that via […]


HTC Mazaa given away to developers
The HTC Mazaa was originally leaked earlier this year, and it looks like it has resurfaced again, this time as a Windows Phone 7.5 device that’s on Sprint’s network. The phone was given away by Microsoft as part of the recent WPAppItUp competition for app developers. Seeing how it’s been given away to developers, it looks like it won’t be sold commercially but that’s not a problem since it’s not […]

Caller ID announcement spotted in Windows Phone 7 Mango
It seems that phones in the past had more customizability than they do today. I remember being able to get customized logos which replaced the operator name on my Nokia 3310 and I also remember being able to customize my own ringtones on the phone itself, and set custom ringtones for different people. If you’ve used Windows Mobile devices in the past, it looks like the Mango update for Windows […]

Rumored Samsung i677 WP7 handset to feature a physical keyboard
When it comes to smartphones these days, you have users who believe in a true and full touch screen experience, unwilling to add weight or thickness to their device with a keyboard. On the other end of the spectrum you have users who believe in having a physical keyboard along with the touch screen experience and who will only consider smartphones with a keyboard.

Mango brings navigation improvements to Windows Phone 7
Besides the previously announced features of Windows Phone 7 Mango (multi-tasking, speed up of apps, Windows Live Messenger integrations etc), the folks over at the Windows Team blog have decided to reveal even more about the update. With over 500 new features they’ll be able to reveal quite a bit before Mango is finally released.One of the new features that Mango brings to Windows Phone is an improved app list […]

Windows Phone Mango ROM works on HTC HD2 without missing a beat
The HTC HD2 is definitely a handset that seemingly lasts without showing any signs of ageing – after all, when Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta was announced, it was ported over to the 2009 handset and worked relatively well. This is not to say that there were no niggling problems – far from it, earlier Mango custom ROMs for the HD2 did not allow Live services to function, but all […]

LG E906 to receive Mango update?
Microsoft’s upcoming Mango update for their Windows Phone 7-powered handsets might just see older hardware being sold at a cheaper price, perhaps with some tweaks thrown into the mix. These minor variations might see the model numbers change by a shade, and LG looks set to be one of them. They already have the Windows Phone 7-powered Optimus 7, but we have spotted a similarly numbered smartphone known as the […]

Samsung Galaxy S II goes all Mango on us
The Samsung Galaxy S II might have pledged its allegiance to the Android cause at the moment, but what happens when the unexpected comes about? We are talking about rumors of Windows Phone 7 running on the Galaxy S II. Yes sir, this might just be the successor to the Samsung Focus, where a listing in the Bluetooth SIG database for the Samsung SGH-i937 has been uncovered, whereby said phone […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango to support front facing cameras: more confirmation
Front facing cameras are a norm these days – you’ll be hard pressed to find a new phone mid-high end phone that doesn’t pack one of these devices. So it’s no surprise when we tell you that the next generation Windows Phone 7 devices are probably going to carrying them as well. More evidence of front facing camera support in WP7 Mango has turned up, thanks to some folks who […]

Microsoft shows off new Music + Video Hub for Windows Phone 7
As we all know by now, everybody is just waiting in anticipation for the next major update to Windows Phone 7 – Mango. Since the update isn’t completed and primed for our WP7 devices yet, Microsoft isn’t releasing it yet so it is doing the next best thing it can do – reveal WP7 Mango’s features to us through detailed blog posts. The latest feature to get this unveiling treatment […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango ROM leaked but not for phones
If you can’t wait to get your hands on the upcoming version of Windows Phone 7, Mango on your WP7 device, we can’t help you there. But for those of you who don’t mind just trying out an emulation of the operating system on your computer, good news. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to extract the Windows Phone 7.1 Build 7629 Mango ROM from the SDK emulator image. […]