Mobile browser speed tests

At MIX11, Microsoft were showing off how fast the web browser on Windows Phone 7 was supposed to be. They pitted the iPhone 4 and Nexus S against a WP7 phone with the Mango update by running a HTML5 rendering test on all 3 phones. Unsurprisingly, the WP7 phone came in first (it was a Microsoft event after all) with Android close at its heels in second place and iOS in last place. Regardless of whether this is true or not, Microsoft was also comparing with the browsers against the stock browser in Android which isn’t known to be the best or fastest browser available on the operating system. And with the speed test site being a Microsoft-designed website, who’s to say that it wasn’t designed to be biased? When Mango is released, we’ll run some 3rd party speed tests and then we’ll see. Hit the break to watch a video of the browser speed test, what do you think or it?

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