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‘Street View’ Now Maps Coral Reefs In Florida Keys
Google’s Street View online service has certainly come a long way, although the persons who go around shooting photos for the rest of the world to check out remote places from the comfort of their own armchairs might make a mistake once in a while, such as getting involved in an accident after mistakenly driving in the opposite direction of a one way street. Good thing you cannot really go […]

YouTube Trends Map Displays Most Popular Videos Based On Region, Gender, Age
If you’re a regular YouTube viewer, you’ll know how difficult it is to stumble onto the next big viral video as there are just way too many videos to comb through on a regular basis. That’s why YouTube is taking the initiative to help make it easier for its users to know what is currently trending in their neck of the woods through its new Trends Map.YouTube’s Trends Map uses […]

MagicPlan Maps Out Your Home From Your Smartphone
Being able to map out pretty much the entire world is something Google has set out to do with its Google Maps service. One place they’re probably not allowed to map is your home, although we’re sure many of you would probably welcome Google to your home, as long as they gave you enough time to clean up beforehand.If you’ve ever wanted to map out your own personal living space […]

Google Earth Adds 100,000 New Tours And 1 Million Photos Via Tour Guide
Apparently Google’s very own Trekkers have been busy mapping the entire world. Google announced that Google Earth now includes more than 100,000 new tours and 1 million photos via Tour Guide. These are now available on Google Earth for Android, iOS, and the desktop. “Today’s update adds over 100,000 new tours of popular sites, cities and places across 200 countries, as well as enhancements to existing tours,” Google said.


TeleGeography's 2013 Submarine Cable Map Plots 244 Cable Systems Of The World
TeleGeography, a telecommunications research and consulting firm that specializes in international networks, service providers, and undersea cables, has released an updated version of its Submarine Cable Map. TeleGeography’s 2013 Submarine Cable Map features a new design that is inspired by star charts and antique maps. I got to admit that it looks pretty cool. The new map also historically hints a connection between submarine cables and cartography, plotting around 244 […]

Artist wants to build a replica of Counter-Strike's de_dust map
If you were big on FPS games in the early 2000s, I’m pretty sure you would have been part of the Counter-Strike-playing crowd, and if you were you would probably remember every nook and cranny of one of its most famous maps: de_dust. Now imagine being able to explore the map – in real life. While de_dust wasn’t based on a real location, a famous modern artist known as Aram […]

Check out a brain in 2D
If you’ve always been curious about how a brain works or how it is laid out there’s tons of information available out there, but at the moment we have very complex diagrams that have been created using diffusion imaging. These images, without anatomical reference and showing more information than necessary is hard even for medical researchers to understand. Well, the researchers at Brown University have managed to simplify these images […]

3D map of our universe is the most complete one yet
Ever grew up thinking that you would love to become an astronomer? Apart from looking at stars all day long (you can also do so by being the papparazzi – OK, so that’s a bad pun), there are other stuff for you to do – such as the 3D map of the universe, which is the most complete version to date. This latest 3D map actually reveals more details about […]

TomTom HD Traffic shows you which way not to take home
Traffic jams are horrible, and (almost) nobody ever enjoys sitting through them. But thanks to modern technology, we now have solutions to bypass such problems. TomTom has just released its HD Traffic service online for free. This online map service does more than show you how to get to your destination – it points out which areas are highly congested with vehicles at the moment. With updates every 2 minutes, […]

MapQuest updated and supports an additional 8 countries now
It looks like these open source map charters have been hard at work. MapQuest has just announced the launch of 8 additional maps built using open technology and OpenStreetMap data. MapQuest now supports Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. Great news if you’re a believer/user of open source projects and/or you’re looking for a free alternative to Google Maps. They have even updated their MapQuest sites […]

Yahoo Files Patent To Track Parking Space Availability
Yahoo seems to be working on some rather useful technology, especially for city-folk. Based on a patent filed by the company, the design calls for sensors attached to individual parking lots, sensors that will transmit data that can be tracked in real time on Yahoo Maps. It would certainly be very cool to be able to check parking space information directly from Yahoo Maps, though we wonder how effective it […]