street-view-florida-keysGoogle’s Street View online service has certainly come a long way, although the persons who go around shooting photos for the rest of the world to check out remote places from the comfort of their own armchairs might make a mistake once in a while, such as getting involved in an accident after mistakenly driving in the opposite direction of a one way street. Good thing you cannot really go against the traffic while underwater, although capturing photos underwater does pose a different set of challenges. U.S. government scientists were inspired by Google’s Street View as they made use of specialized fisheye lenses while underwater in the Florida Keys.


Such ‘Street View’ application was done to map out research and management plans throughout the various marine sanctuaries in the country. Several of the rotating and panoramic images will be made available online from this week onward, where there will also be a selection on Google Maps so that the masses are able to see for themselves how such ecosystems can prove to be difficult and expensive to explore across time, all without having to get wet themselves.

At least you won’t run the risk of running out of air while sitting in front of the computer, and there are no dangerous sea creatures to threaten your life, either.

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