Being able to map out pretty much the entire world is something Google has set out to do with its Google Maps service. One place they’re probably not allowed to map is your home, although we’re sure many of you would probably welcome Google to your home, as long as they gave you enough time to clean up beforehand.


If you’ve ever wanted to map out your own personal living space but didn’t know exactly how to do it, MagicPlan may be what you’re looking for. The way MagicPlan works is through a combination of sensor fusion, augmented reality and reality capturing to let your mobile device draw a floor plan of your home.

The entire process is said to work quickly as CEO of Sensopia Pierrer Gaubil says the technology took three years of work to be created. “It takes away the burden of measuring and drawing and needing to move furniture, It is a huge time saver, and there are so many potential applications and partnerships.”

MagicPlan is available to download on your iOS device for $3.

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