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Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Company Metaio
If you have been following the tech scene, you have probably heard of the company called Metaio. They specialize in augmented reality technology and previously we have seen their works in the form of interactive catalogues as well as dynamic car showrooms where more information about a car can be pulled up by pointing a camera at it.Interestingly enough it turns out that Apple might have plans for augmented reality […]

Ferrari Brings Augmented Reality Technology To Their Showrooms
Cars come in a variety of different colors and different optional addons and it would be impossible for car showrooms to display every possible configuration available. However Ferrari is taking things to the next level through the use of augmented reality where together with an app designed by Zspace, customers will be able to walk into a Ferrari showroom and see every possible combination the company has to offer.

Metaio Unveils 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck To Developers
Metaio one of the leaders in augmented reality technology, that powers a current community of over 100,000 developers, has released its own 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck. Now our Startrek dream technology can become reality!The 6D Holodeck allows users to move around a tablet and see a virtual world in the display in place of the real room they are navigating. I have seen a similar demo last week in a […]

Metaio Reveals First "See-Through" Wearable Augmented Reality
Metaio, a company with a rich heritage when it comes to augmented reality (AR) software as well as solutions, has announced the first “see-through” wearable AR capabilities thanks to the latest Beta version of the Metaio SDK. This would translate to it being optimized for wearable computing devices including the likes of the spanking new Epson Moverio BT-200. Ditching the camera view, Metaio’s technology would enable the user to check […]


Metaio To Unveil First Hands-Free AR Car Manual on Google Glass At InsideAR 2013
Metaio announced today that it has developed the first hands-free, marker-less augmented reality car manual on Google Glass, the prototype has been developed as a proof-of-concept of the capabilities of Metaio’s AR platform on wearable devices. The core technology and platform will both be updated to accommodate wearable devices from other manufacturers such as Epson and Vuzix.Up until now, AR technology has used point clouds or algorithms to recognize objects […]

Interactive Augmented Reality Manual By Metaio And Audi
Both Metaio and Audi have worked together to deliver something which will definitely appeal to modern day drivers who want nothing but the most up to date technology around them – an interactive augmented reality manual, now how about that? Metaio happens to be a world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, while Audi – ‘nuff said. Both of them has just announced the release of the Audi […]

Metaio And Vuzix Showcases AR-Ready Smart Glasses
Earlier this morning, we read about how Metaio, having launched their augmented reality SDK in just less than two years ago, have already successfully surpassed the 50,000 developer mark – and still counting, of course. Having said that, you might be interested to drop by the 2013 Augmented World Expo in order to check out this collaboration between Metaio and Vuzix, where they are showcasing the first AR (augmented reality) […]

Metaio Hits 50k Developers Benchmark
Metaio has just announced that they have achieved the 50K developers benchmark.

Metaio with ST-Ericsson Built First Augmented Reality Hardware
[MWC 2013] Today, Metaio announced an agreement with ST-Ericsson, in which the semi conductor manufacturer agrees to integrate  Metaio’s Augmented Reality hardware IP, also known as “AREngine”, into its upcoming mobile platforms via the “first application processor accelerating Augmented Reality performance on mobile devices”, according to Metaio.We know Metaio from its Augmented Reality  mobile browser, and its multiple innovations in the field.We do not know much about this new hardware […]

InsideAR Augmented Reality Conference: Munich, Oct 1-2
Special offer: Ubergizmo readers will receive 20% discount with UG4insideAR code on the registration page.Augmented reality is the user interface of the future. Metaio’s technology enables real-world interaction with digital content, and is leading the way in outstanding implementations of Augmented Reality. From LEGO’s in-store Digital Box that visualizes toys on product packaging to the new IKEA Catalog App, full of rich 3-D content viewed right through a smartphone.Each year […]

Metaio includes gravity in augmented reality platform
Have you seen just how augmented reality (AR) apps have changed the way we see things around us? Someone should make a vampire AR app, where you see the pulsating veins and arteries that make the stuff of life flow through each and every person – I thought about that after watching “Interview with a Vampire” again recently. But I digress, surely AR could be better implemented?

Metaio Augmented Reality app to replace paper manuals
Metaio has just released some video footage of a new Augmented Reality app that can help users with everyday activities – such as opening a box or replacing a spare part. The technology that they will be demonstrating at the Mobile World Congress next week looks pretty amazing. Imagine a world where you can find out how to work any machine just by pointing your phone at it and letting […]

Junaio 2.5: AR Mobile Browser New Version Released
We published about Junaio Augmented Reality mobile browser when metaio, the developer, launched the v 2.0 in March at SXSW. From the press release, we know that Junaio 2.5 features an “improved graphical user interface, easier channel navigation and pinpoint geographic filtering”.

Lego Boxes Get Augmented Reality Too
As we’ve mentioned many times recently, augmented reality is one of the more popular technologies recently, and now even Lego boxes are getting the augmented reality treatment. The boxes were created by the Danish toy company and augmented reality experts Metaio and can interface with kiosks in Lego stores. Just hold up the box and the QR code will activate the augmented reality feature, showing you a 3D model of […]