Have you seen just how augmented reality (AR) apps have changed the way we see things around us? Someone should make a vampire AR app, where you see the pulsating veins and arteries that make the stuff of life flow through each and every person – I thought about that after watching “Interview with a Vampire” again recently. But I digress, surely AR could be better implemented?


German augmented reality firm Metaio decided that was the case by demonstrating several updates made to their core technologies today, including advancements on 3 fronts that will include gravity awareness, the ability to recognize 3D objects, and occlusion of virtual objects – where the last part means whenever real objects in the viewing space pass in front of a virtual object, the virtual object will be rendered as invisible or occluded, similar to how a real object would.Pretty neat, no?

Obviously, to get gravity involved in an AR app would certainly require some serious number crunching – I wonder which smartphones would be powerful enough to run their new app?

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