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Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Leads Snapdragon 810 Performance
The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro recently went on sale in Asia, and now that we got a unit in our hands, we were curious to check what the performance looks like, and it was a good surprise: as it stands, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is the fastest Snapdragon 810 powered phone on the market, besting the HTC One M9, LG G4 and LG G Flex 2 in nearly all […]

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Reportedly Hit By Overheating Issues [Update]
Update – According to Xiaomi who reached out to us to clarify, the issue is an isolated one and it seems that it has only affected one user who might have gotten a defective unit. The affected unit has since been sent back to Xiaomi whose engineers will look into the problem.1. On May 13, we’ve given the user a new Mi Note Pro and he has expressed satisfaction with […]

Xiaomi Mi Note/Mi Note Pro Announced
While we can appreciate the engineering marvel of creating incredibly thin yet powerful devices, sometimes some people just prefer a thicker and more hefty device which can sometimes feel better to use. However if you’re all about sleek, you might be interested to learn that Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi Note.The Mi Note is admittedly one of the prettier phones we’ve seen from Xiaomi to date. It will feature […]