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Amoeba Digital Microscope; Rekindle Dreams of Being a Scientist at Home
As little boys and girls, a plastic black microscope with a magnifying glass jammed into a viewer sufficed for hours and hours of what we called scientific fun. Now however as technology has taken a few mile long steps ahead, older technology has gotten cheaper. For all of us scientists who are just curious about how things look when we view them under 200x magnification, it looks like your small […]

SkyLight turns your smartphone into a microscope display
Microscopes are useful tools when you need to examine something tiny, but using them can get pretty tiring with you to placing your face in an uncomfortable position to look down the scope. Well, we previously had solutions that output what you see onto a large display, but those are pretty costly to purchase. What if you could use your own smartphone to do the job instead? Well that’s where […]

Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope is suitable for kids
We all know how much fun it is to stick objects under a microscope, but those things cost a lot and they aren’t exactly child-friendly. But if you have a young scientist at home who is keen on studying small objects, it’s better to look for an alternative solution. We’ve covered alternative microscopes in the past, i.e. the iPhone microscope, but what if you don’t have an iPhone around the […]

Microscope relies on hand and finger gestures
Boffins over at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) have worked with Finnish company Multitouch to develop a new kind of microscope which ought to get owners of touchscreen-enabled phones excited – since this microscope is able to be controlled using hand and finger gestures. How does this work? Well, it requires the merger of two technologies, which is Web-based virtual microscopy and a huge multitouch display (as seen […]


Large multi-touch display used as a giant microscope
If you had a large touchscreen at your disposal, the first thing you would probably think of doing is play Angry Birds on it. Well, believe it or not, touchscreen displays can be used for productive purposes as well. Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland collaborated with Multitouch Ltd to combine a giant touchscreen with a networked digital microscopy system and came up with a new breed of […]

Turn your iPhone into a microscope
If you’ve always felt that your iPhone 4 camera’s minimum focus distance was a bit too far for your liking, especially if you like taking close up shots of small objects, you might want to check this device out. The Mini Microscope for iPhone does exactly what its name says – it turns your iPhone 4 into a mini microscope that you can easily carry around with you, wherever you […]

3D microscope lens is now a reality
3D is the buzzword for the year, and for those who are more geek than jock, you will be pleased to know that the activity of hunching over at the science lab and peering through the lens of the microscope has gotten a boost – thanks to Lei Li and Allen Yi of Ohio State University. The dynamic duo have managed to come up with a one-of-a-kind 3D lens which […]

AirMicro Model A1 Microscope Connects Wirelessly To The iPad
It seems that not a day goes by that someone isn’t trying to make something new work with Apple’s iPad/iPhone. Next up Scalar Corp has developed the AirMicro model A1, a microscope that is capable of hooking up to the iPhone/iPad via a wireless LAN. Powered by three AA batteries, the device is a portable microscope equipped with a 50x lens, allowing it to zoom in and out of the […]

Microscope Confirms The iPhone 4G Offers 960 x 640 Pixel Resolution
Rumors have been going around for some time that the upcoming iPhone 4G would sport a higher resolution display, possibly one with a 960 x 640 resolution. Now it seems that some folks over in the Czech Republic have managed to do some detective work, and put the iPhone 4G’s display under the microscope, figuring out its pixel density and display technology. The verdict? They claim that the display is […]

Smallest and lightest telemedicine microscope in the world
What you see above is the world’s smallest and lightest telemedicine microscope, where this self-contained device is capable of transforming global health care, especially Third World countries thanks to its ability to image blood samples or other fluids. Apart from that, it is powerful enough to test water quality in the field after a particular disaster, for example a hurricane or an earthquake. This microscope relies on imaging technology known […]

DIY microscope for cellphones
Cellphones might come with some really high resolution cameras these days, but that doesn’t mean they are great at macro shots. Aydogan Ozcan, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and member of the California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, has come up with a DIY design for a cellphone microscope, writing his very own software to work in tandem with off-the-shelf parts that cost no more […]