Zoomy Handheld Digital MicroscopeWe all know how much fun it is to stick objects under a microscope, but those things cost a lot and they aren’t exactly child-friendly. But if you have a young scientist at home who is keen on studying small objects, it’s better to look for an alternative solution. We’ve covered alternative microscopes in the past, i.e. the iPhone microscope, but what if you don’t have an iPhone around the house or you can’t trust your kid with an iPhone yet?

Well that’s where the Zoomy Handheld Digital Microsope by Learning Resources comes in. Users plug this microscope into the USB port of a computer, run the program and they’re set to do some micro scoping activities. All they have to do is place the Zoomy over the object, and adjust it to the zoom level they want (35-53x). It captures images at VGA resolution (640 x 480) so don’t expect to be printing large images with this thing, but it does have LED lights to illuminate the subject you focus on.

Since it’s plugged into the computer, it draws its power from there without the need for any external batteries. Users snap a picture by hitting the button on top of the device. It’s simple enough and easy to use, and will probably provide hours of fun as well. The Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope is available now for $59.99.

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