AirMicro Model A1 Microscope Connects Wirelessly To The iPad

It seems that not a day goes by that someone isn’t trying to make something new work with Apple’s iPad/iPhone. Next up Scalar Corp has developed the AirMicro model A1, a microscope that is capable of hooking up to the iPhone/iPad via a wireless LAN. Powered by three AA batteries, the device is a portable microscope equipped with a 50x lens, allowing it to zoom in and out of the images of the user’s skin texture and blemishes, images that will be shown on the iPad (or iPhone). It can be used with replaceable lens units with magnification ratios ranging from 50x to 200x and can shoot QVGA videos at 15fps with its 5-megapixel CMOS sensor. The AirMicro model A1 is slated to hit North America in mid-June 2010 and the Japanese market by the end of June 2010, with the company targeting sales of 50k units in the first year, and 550k units after three years in the global market. When released, the AirMicro model A1 will be priced around $390 in the US.

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