If you ask your friends and family what kind of tablet they would like for a present, it’s safe to say they’d mention the iPad based on how well they’ve been selling over the years. But if you were to ask information workers what kind of tablet they’d like, you might receive a different answer altogether.

According to a survey conducted by global research and advisory firm Forrester, 32 percent of global information workers would like a Windows 8 tablet as their next work tablet, which translates to roughly 200 million global information workers. Lucky for them, the Microsoft Surface Pro will be available starting this weekend, although it might take some time for their employers to dive into giving away Windows 8 tablets to their employees.

Seeing how the Surface Pro is being touted as a tablet that can perform as well as a computer, we can’t help but think IT specialists would certainly get the most use out of Microsoft’s upcoming tablet. The iPad and Android tablets, as much as they try, won’t become desktop replacements any time soon as creating certain content can only be performed on computers at this point.

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