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Windows 7 surpasses Windows XP's market share
When it comes to the lion’s share of operating systems that run on personal computers, Microsoft’s Windows takes the cake – and has done so for more than a decade and a half already. The thing is this, with a fair number of Windows releases already, which one tops it all off? Not necessarily the newest version – not at least until today, where Windows XP was finally knocked off […]

Windows 8 app store set to open doors
Microsoft knows that it does not hurt to follow a business model of another company if it proved to be successful, and certainly no one would want to dispute the effectiveness of the App Store or iTunes from Apple. Well, the software giant has decided to take a page out of Apple’s book by announcing that there will be a Windows 8 app store, allowing application developers to write programs […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday is a critical one
The dangers of your computer or device getting hacked is more real each and every single day, no doubt about it. Sony has had its hands full that’s for sure, and Microsoft wants to do everything within their power so that they will not suffer a similar fate in one way or another. In fact, Microsoft intends to issue a couple of bulletins for Patch Tuesday next week, with one […]

Windows 7 doing just great at 1.5 years of age
When Microsoft launched Windows 7 a good 18 months ago, many people were skeptical and wondering whether the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system would be able to live up to expectations, considering just how problematic (relatively speaking, of course) Windows Vista had been, with many people still preferring to stick to the tried and tested Windows XP back then.Of course, Windows 7 proved to be a revolution in its […]


Microsoft does away with Autorun feature in new update
The Autorun feature is definitely a love it or hate it situation, and has proven to be more irritating than helpful.Introduced originally when Windows 95 hit the scene more than a decade ago, Autorun intends to help beginners navigate through storage media, receive context sensitive prompts for external devices as well as install applications without any hassle simply through the automatic launching of setup executable files.Developers were not the only […]

Windows 8 explores possibilities of adaptive, full 3D Wind interface
Windows 7 isn’t even halfway through its life cycle just yet, and here we have more news of Windows 8 – apparently, when it ships, there is a possibility of it featuring a radical revision of the interface for higher-end users. You might see the end of the Aero interface, which will be replaced by Wind alongside a fully 3D interface. The user interface itself will be entirely adaptive, where […]

Google Ditches Microsoft Windows Internally Due to Security Concerns
This might sound like a drastic move to many, but according to reports, Google is more or less abandoning the use of Microsoft’s Windows operating system by its staff, with one of the main reasons behind the move being that it’s deemed as too much of a security threat. This move is no doubt brought about by the recent security breaches over in China that sparked a spat between China […]

Windows notebook to get Mac-like scrolling and gestures
TouchPad Gesture: ChiralScroll™ for vertical scrolling from Synaptics, Inc. on Vimeo. Even if you are a die-hard Windows fan, chances are pretty good that once you have had a go at the two-finger scrolls and three-finger gestures on a MacBook, the vanilla Windows trackpad does seem pretty much like a dead fish. Well, here’s an interesting hack that could give your Windows notebook similar scrolling and gestures, although we say […]