When Microsoft launched Windows 7 a good 18 months ago, many people were skeptical and wondering whether the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system would be able to live up to expectations, considering just how problematic (relatively speaking, of course) Windows Vista had been, with many people still preferring to stick to the tried and tested Windows XP back then.

Of course, Windows 7 proved to be a revolution in its own right, and has taken just 1.5 years to hit an another important milestone – we’re talking about having sold over 350 million licenses worldwide, with the momentum not slowing down anytime soon. Apart from that, Microsoft claims to see reasonably good momentum with Internet Explorer 9, although most Internet users might beg to differ. 

We admit that Windows 7 has been a solid operating system to date, and it certainly does bring back fond memories of Windows XP in its heyday, with Vista being but a bad memory sandwiched in between. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to build on Windows 7’s strengths and continue moving forward with something special when Windows 8 rolls out. How many of you are looking forward to the next generation Windows operating system?

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