Microsoft knows that it does not hurt to follow a business model of another company if it proved to be successful, and certainly no one would want to dispute the effectiveness of the App Store or iTunes from Apple. Well, the software giant has decided to take a page out of Apple’s book by announcing that there will be a Windows 8 app store, allowing application developers to write programs for the newly announced operating system, letting them sell the result of their hard work on a dedicated Microsoft application store that will open the moment the new OS ships.

According to Windows distinguished engineer Aleš Holeček, “The new store will be for people running Windows 8 looking specifically for Windows 8 Metro-style applications.” Just what the heck is “Metro-style”? Well, it is just another part of the compartmentalization exercise that Microsoft is working on to partition the online store into themed groups such as Education, Finance, Games, Lifestyle and Social.

It is interesting to see such a move from Microsoft happen – as to whether it will be a success or not, that is another story for a different day.

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