You can already play Minecraft in virtual reality if you have a Samsung Gear VR headset but for that you require a compatible smartphone as well. If you’re a bonafide PC gamer and have an Oculus Rift VR headset then rejoice, Mojang’s popular game will soon be available in virtual reality on the Rift as well.

The confirmation came from Mojang employee Tommaso Checchi who revealed on Twitter that the popular sandbox game is going to get support for Oculus Rift next week.

It has only been confirmed that Minecraft will go live for the Rift next week, a precise release date is yet to be confirmed by Mojang. Rift support will enable PC gamers with the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft to start playing the game with the headset strapped to their face.

It’s been an interesting road to the Rift for Minecraft. The game’s original creator Notch refused to bring the game to the headset because he was creeped out by Facebook, but he later sold Mojang to Microsoft and a few months later it was confirmed that Minecraft would eventually be available on the Rift.

Those who don’t own the Windows 10 edition need not worry. Mojang is allowing those who have bought other versions of Minecraft to download the one exclusive to Windows 10 for free by logging into the Mojang website and then downloading their copy from the Windows Store.

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