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Game of Life and Monopoly get zAPPed
At Toy Fair 2012, Hasbro showed off the latest variations of its classic family board games – Game of Life and Monopoly. The games company teamed up with Volumique, a French-based innovator, to create Game of Life zAPPed and Monopoly zAPPed. The board games play out like the original versions but with an added twist. In the center of the board, an iPad running the respective zAPPed app will be […]

Apple wants antitrust lawsuit to be dropped
Awhile ago, Apple was sued by Thomas Slatterly, an iTunes user after they blocked music from RealNetworks’ Harmony service from working on the iPod, just days after it was launched. The class action lawsuit against Apple claimed that they were creating an unfair monopoly and acting unfairly against the competition (which is quite ironic considering that the DRM software used to block the competition was called FairPlay).In Apple’s defense, they claimed […]

Sprint gets vocal about AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition
While Sprint appeared calm and collected about the whole AT&T-T-Mobile buyout when it was first announced, it looks like they haven’t been so cool after all. Sprint has just announced that they oppose the whole $39 billion takeover. At present, AT&T is the second largest carrier in the US, with Verizon in the lead. If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, it would make them the largest carrier in the US, leaving […]

Monopoly Millionaires hits Facebook
Had enough of Monopoly yet? Apparently EA and Hasbro don’t seem to think so. They have just announced a new version of their hit board game Monopoly, slated to arrive on the world’s biggest social network- Facebook. Called Monopoly Millionaires, it will allow people from all over the world to participate in this game of making money without being in the same room or even country at once. The fact […]


Monopoly releases new boardgame with a built-in computer
Hasbro will be releasing a new version of Monopoly (Monopoly Live) that comes with a built-in computer that is in the shape of a tower in the center of the board. The tower-computer acts an overseer for the game, keeping track of each player’s bank account, property and even places on the board. By doing so, the computer can help speed up game calculations; so that people spend more time […]