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Glass multi-touch keyboard and mouse look amazing
You know how in movies that are set in the future, you have people using see through keyboards and mice on their computers? Well, we’re actually not too far away from owning such devices – provided that Giddings Product Development’s current Kickstarter project gets the money it needs to pull through. Made from quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and powered by rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, these interesting looking […]

Evoluce TWO is one interactive display
Evoluce, the German display manufacturer known for its multi-touch + gesture displays has just announced the release of the Evolouce TWO. An improvement over the I-voluce, it still features a 46″ multi-touch LCD display, but this time it can detect over 60 simultaneous inputs, supporting up to four users at once. Just like the previous display, gesture detection is still around, utilizing the power of the Kinect sensor for users […]

32-inch multi-touch display runs on Android
SKR (a company from South Korea) has come up with a new prototype multi-touch system that has Android as the operating system of choice, delivering 32″ of viewing (and touching) goodness. Guess you can be more accurate than ever in a game of Angry Birds on this puppy. It will run off a regular Android terminal that is connected via USB to the touch sensors, while HDMI will supply images […]

ITRI's gadget turn any TV into a touchscreen display
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan has recently come up with a new gadget that could possibly give touchscreen manufacturers a run for their money. They’ve managed to come up with a special device that can turn any TV (no matter what size it is) into a touchscreen device. Imagine buying a 55″ touchscreen display – the price tag isn’t going to be very pretty. However, this device […]


Large multi-touch display used as a giant microscope
If you had a large touchscreen at your disposal, the first thing you would probably think of doing is play Angry Birds on it. Well, believe it or not, touchscreen displays can be used for productive purposes as well. Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland collaborated with Multitouch Ltd to combine a giant touchscreen with a networked digital microscopy system and came up with a new breed of […]

Crunchy Logistics brings the first multi-touch bar to the US
Crunchy Logistics has recently uploaded a video demonstrating the first ever multi-touch bar table in the US. Called the mtBAR, this 28′ long bar table is actually one giant touchscreen that supports an unlimited number of touch points. A table that will definitely spice up the interior of any pub, it lets users generate fancy effects whenever they touch the table or slide their hands over it. It can detect […]

Evoluce introduces gesture and multi-touch control displays
Evoluce, a German display manufacturer has just unveiled a new 46″ HD LCD TV that supports both multi-touch as well as gesture controls. Called the I-voluce, this 46″ HD LCD display packs integrated 3D sensors that can detect hand gestures that can be used to control the display like how one would use the Microsoft Kinect. Called WIN&I, the gesture software is compatible with Windows 7 and other applications that […]

New Apple Magic Mouse could get multi-touch display
Now here’s an interesting tidbit of news – Apple has apparently indicated their interest in throwing in a new display to its multi-touch Magic Mouse, which would certainly go some ways in adding interactivity and functionality to the wireless mouse. This new Magic Mouse was revealed earlier this week in a patent application that was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where it was entitled “Computer Input Device […]

Eizo Nanao announces FlexScan T2351W multitouch monitor
The multitouch experience has become a staple for many ever since the iPhone took the world by storm, and this has proliferated to a gamut of devices as well apart from Apple’s offerings.Eizo Nanao decided to bring the multitouch experience to your desktop thanks to the new FlexScan T2351W multitouch monitor, where it will play nice with Windows 7’s support for multitouch, lessening the use of your mouse or keyboard […]

Toshiba Satellite U500-1EX laptop has multitouch display
Toshiba’s Satellite U500-1EX laptop is one machine which jumps aboard the multitouch display bandwagon, all 13.3″ of it. This machine will rely on Microsoft’s Touch Pack for Windows 7 that allows users to flick through their collection of files and folders simply by touching the display. Apart from that, you will be able to take advantage of tried and tested touch controls such as tap and double-tap, drag, press and […]

Google Nexus One with multitouch browser
It often takes a community to come up with modifications and changes that will affect a particular device positively after the manufacturer failed to listen to its customers, and that’s what happened with Google’s Nexus One handset. A developer decided to take things into his own hands by modifying the Android 2.1 operating system to enable multitouch capability on the Nexus One browser. There is a downside to this hack […]

Multi Touch BlackJack Table
How would you like to play Blackjack on a cool multi touch table? Well, this cool table that was displayed at the Global Gaming Expo certainly might give casino Blackjack tables a run for their money. Employing the increasingly popular multi touch technology, a dealer will be able to shuffle virtual cards on the surface, and players will be able to cover their cards, and only show a partial face […]

USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad
We’ve seen the power of multi-touch displays thanks to the iPhone and iPod touch, and Brando wants to get a piece of the action as well with their new USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad. Apart from being such a device, it also doubles up as a numeric keypad for those budding accountants. It supports up to three fingers where multi-touch is concerned, and supports the Windows operating system. Expect to fork […]