SKR (a company from South Korea) has come up with a new prototype multi-touch system that has Android as the operating system of choice, delivering 32″ of viewing (and touching) goodness. Guess you can be more accurate than ever in a game of Angry Birds on this puppy. It will run off a regular Android terminal that is connected via USB to the touch sensors, while HDMI will supply images to the display port. This results in what seem to be a perfect replica of the Android interface, not to mention support for Full HD video to boot. Here’s what SKR has to say about their new system.

Our company makes digital signage, and people were asking us to create a large screen device which has multi-touch functionality like a smartphone. We first tried to make it using Windows 7, but it didn’t meet the needs of our customers. They said they wanted crisp, fluid movement like in a smartphone but with a high resolution display. But when we asked touch panel and peripheral manufacturers they said they don’t support the Android OS, so we were temporarily stalled. We want to do a lot more work with Android in the future, so we decided to develop the system ourselves.

Of course, SKR had their work cut out for them, having to develop their own device driver so that Android can work on such a large, multi-touch display. This has opened the door wide to future commercialization projects that might include 23″, 46″ and wide screen versions. No idea on what version of Android this runs on, but can you spot the green phone icon on the top right hand corner of the image which is partially hidden by someone’s arm?

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