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YouTube Music Streaming Service Coming This Year [Rumor]
It was previously rumored Google could possibly introduce a music streaming service for its Android platform, and today, it looks as though a portion of that rumor is true as in addition to its Google Play for Android, it will be launching a music streaming service on YouTube.According to a number of Fortune’s sources, the upcoming service planned to launch on YouTube will allow anyone to listen to music tracks for […]

Slacker Music Application Rebranded
Yesterday I attended Slacker launch event in San Francisco where Jim Cady, the CEO, introduced the new Slacker Music Service with its new branding and revamped website and mobile application.Founded in 2006 as a satellite radio company, Slacker became a free digital music radio service just like Pandora, and finally delivered a complete premium music service such as Spotify, Mog or Rhapsody in 2011. The redesigned application now offers over […]

RIM to launch BlackBerry music service? (updated)
While RIM’s BlackBerry market share might be on its way downhill, it’s not too late for RIM to make amends while it still can. In order to capture a larger market beyond the enterprise sector it’s so familiar with, it looks like the company is going to take some drastic measures to appeal to a wider audience. CNET has reported that according to its sources, RIM will be launching a […]

HP Considering Their Own Music Services?
It looks like everyone wants in on the cloud music service these days. Apple has its iTunes and now their iCloud, Google has Google Music and Amazon has their Amazon MP3 site. I guess the hype must be really strong because it looks like HP wants in on the music scene as well as reports have it that they are taking the idea into consideration and are currently testing the […]


HP TouchPad might get cloud music service
Word on the street has it that HP might just be working on new music and movie stores that will target webOS-powered devices, including the soon-to-come HP TouchPad tablet. Known as the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store, this is just leaked information, although you can more or less say that it will be confirmed sometime down the road – and not too soon, either.The leaked slide did point […]

Rdio Music Service Created By Kazaa Founders
The founders of the Kazaa P2P program are back in the music download scene with the launch of Rdio, a legal music streaming service. The service offers per-track streaming from the web and on mobile devices for a fee. The iPhone and BlackBerry mobile apps are already available, and the Android-version is also on the way. Interesting features of this new service are that users will be able to share […]