fujitsu-vibrations[MWC 2014] Before MWC 2014 kicked off this year, we did take a look at a glove-style wearable device, and this time around, it would be a new prototype tablet that sports a touchscreen display which will be able to convey a sense of “slipperiness” or “roughness”, where all of this will depend on the kind of image that is being shown. This particular haptic, or tactic, sensory technology was specially developed by the folks over at Fujitsu Laboratories.

Fujitsu mentioned in a statement, “This technology enables tactile sensations — either smooth or rough, which had until now been difficult to achieve — right on the touch-screen display.Users can enjoy realistic tactile sensations as they are applied to images of objects displayed on the screen.”

If you happen to be on the showfloor over at MWC this year, do spare some time to check out Fujitsu’s prototype tablet, where you can touch an image of an alligator and the display will go ahead to mimic the sensation of the animal’s rough skin. It is hoped that this technology will be able to enter the market before next year is over. What do you think of this particular prototype tablet – will the gaming industry pounce on such a new interactive method?

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