MWC (Mobile World Congress)

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s most important wireless communication trade show. It is held in Barcelona gathers between 60,000 and 70,000 industry insiders and decision-makers. Until 2006, the same event was called 3GSM World, but it was clear that the “3G” name couldn’t stick for long, so a longer-term solution was devised. Mobile World Congress is organized by GSMA, which is the GSM Association supported by carriers and other wireless industry companies. GSMA was formed in 1995.

LG F70 Mid-Ranged LTE Smartphone Unveiled
So apart from showing off the LG G Pro 2. the L90, L70, and L40 handsets, it seems that LG has another handset that they have recently announced at MWC 2014, and it comes in the form of the LG F70.According to LG, they are targeting new LTE smartphone owners with this handset, with the company’s president and CEO going as far as saying, “Not only does the LG F70 […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Coming This April
A short while back Samsung finally unveiled its much rumored 2014 flagship at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The Galaxy S5 has been unveiled in all its glory, and while the company itself has already confirmed that major U.S. carriers are going to offer the device, Magenta has sent out a press release on its own. The T-Mobile Galaxy S5 is slated to hit the market in April […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Hands-On
The most anticipated Android phone of the last few months has arrived. After being the object of endless rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally –and officially- revealed at Mobile World Congress. While observers digest the news stream coming out of Samsung, we have had the opportunity to spend a short quality time with the handset, and here is a first batch of information that should answer a lot of […]

BlackBerry Is Reportedly Bringing Back Trackpads
BlackBerry phones have almost always had a “belt” which contained either a trackball or a trackpad, apart from a back button, a BB button and two separate buttons for receiving or declining calls. Trackballs were phased out a long time ago and replaced by trackpads, but last year when it launched its new BB10 phones, the company eliminated this belt altogether. Now this might not have been appreciated by some […]


Intel Atom Merrifield Processors Target Phones And Tablets
[MWC 2014] Intel has just announced their next generation processors that will see action in Android-powered devices – including smartphones and tablets. This new generation of processors will undergo the 22nm process, resulting in 64-bit chips that are capable of touching clock speeds of up to 2.13 GHz. Known as the Intel Atom Z3460 and Atom Z3480 “Merrifield” processors, they are touted to deliver superior performance as well as potentially […]

ZTE Grand Memo II LTE Announced
[MWC 2014] Is it me, or is it a day that is full of sequels when it comes to smartphones by ZTE, a company which hails from China? The ZTE Grand Memo II LTE has just been announced, where it will be a follow up to the ZTE Grand Memo that was first introduced to the world at Mobile World Congress – last year, that is. This latest device has […]

LG G Pro 2 Hands-On Review
The LG G Pro 2 launched last week in Korea and yesterday I was able to briefly play with it at the LG press conference. Just like the LG G flex, the display is amazing and, despite its large size (5.9-inch) the device feels surprisingly light. The manufacturer managed to keep the footprint small, thanks to a super thin 0.4 mm bezel! At 172 g, the new LG flagship is […]

Blackphone Puts Privacy First, Launches For $629
We’ve all probably heard by now how unsafe our phones are against the likes of NSA, the talk started off last year when Edward Snowden leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. For those who believe that all major companies have agreed to sell out their users there is an alternative on the market now, developed as part of a joint venture by Silent Circle and Geeksphone, the Blackphone is […]

HTC Desire 816 Announced
It was initially believed that HTC would unveil its much awaited M8 smartphone, the HTC One successor, at Mobile World Congress 2014. However last week the company confirmed that M8 would be unveiled at a separate event next month, so it doesn’t have much to show at MWC apart from what can be considered its 2014 flagship mid-range smartphone. The HTC Desire 816 has been announced today at MWC, and […]

Garmin Xperia Edition App's SmartWatch 2 Extension Brings Navigation To Your Wrist
Last week we reported on the possibility that Garmin might unveil a new navigation application for the Sony Smartwatch 2 at Mobile World Congress 2014, and that rumor has turned out to be true. Garmin has actually launched a new app for Sony Xperia smartphones which is aided by an extension for the Sony SmartWatch 2. Called Garmin Xperia Edition, the app brings its signature navigation features as well as […]

ZTE Open II Hits The Deck
[MWC 2014] We did take a look at the ZTE Open C earlier, so it goes without saying that yet another device from ZTE, which is the ZTE Open II, deserves at least the same amount of time for you to go through its specifications before you decide whether to pick up a cheap or cheaper handset. Yes, the ZTE Open II will be extremely far away from the high […]

ZTE Open C Announced
[MWC 2014] The folks over at ZTE (a company that has started to make waves in the global smartphone scene) from China have just introduced yet another creation of theirs, which is the ZTE Open C. What makes the ZTE Open C so special? It has been described to be one of the first devices that will run on the most recent version of Firefox OS, where it has been […]

Ibis Conceptual Smartwatch
[MWC 2014] There is just something about concepts that we absolutely love – not only does it enable the particular designer to come up with outrageous hardware specifications which are way ahead of its time, that even some say will be impossible to achieve in the future, one is also not shackled by the laws of physics. Well, Creoir Ltd. did showcase a smartwatch known as Ibis at Mobile World […]

WhatsApp Voice Calls Coming Later This Year
WhatsApp has been in the news quite a lot recently, obviously this can be chalked up to the fact that Facebook has agreed to pay $19 billion to acquire the world’s most popular cross platform messaging service. This rags to riches story will inspire many for years to come, but just because its being acquired doesn’t mean that WhatsApp will cease to exist. Facebook will continue to run it as […]