MWC (Mobile World Congress)

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s most important wireless communication trade show. It is held in Barcelona gathers between 60,000 and 70,000 industry insiders and decision-makers. Until 2006, the same event was called 3GSM World, but it was clear that the “3G” name couldn’t stick for long, so a longer-term solution was devised. Mobile World Congress is organized by GSMA, which is the GSM Association supported by carriers and other wireless industry companies. GSMA was formed in 1995.

LG G Pro 2 Hands-On Review
The LG G Pro 2 launched last week in Korea and yesterday I was able to briefly play with it at the LG press conference. Just like the LG G flex, the display is amazing and, despite its large size (5.9-inch) the device feels surprisingly light. The manufacturer managed to keep the footprint small, thanks to a super thin 0.4 mm bezel! At 172 g, the new LG flagship is […]

Blackphone Puts Privacy First, Launches For $629
We’ve all probably heard by now how unsafe our phones are against the likes of NSA, the talk started off last year when Edward Snowden leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. For those who believe that all major companies have agreed to sell out their users there is an alternative on the market now, developed as part of a joint venture by Silent Circle and Geeksphone, the Blackphone is […]

HTC Desire 816 Announced
It was initially believed that HTC would unveil its much awaited M8 smartphone, the HTC One successor, at Mobile World Congress 2014. However last week the company confirmed that M8 would be unveiled at a separate event next month, so it doesn’t have much to show at MWC apart from what can be considered its 2014 flagship mid-range smartphone. The HTC Desire 816 has been announced today at MWC, and […]

Garmin Xperia Edition App's SmartWatch 2 Extension Brings Navigation To Your Wrist
Last week we reported on the possibility that Garmin might unveil a new navigation application for the Sony Smartwatch 2 at Mobile World Congress 2014, and that rumor has turned out to be true. Garmin has actually launched a new app for Sony Xperia smartphones which is aided by an extension for the Sony SmartWatch 2. Called Garmin Xperia Edition, the app brings its signature navigation features as well as […]


ZTE Open II Hits The Deck
[MWC 2014] We did take a look at the ZTE Open C earlier, so it goes without saying that yet another device from ZTE, which is the ZTE Open II, deserves at least the same amount of time for you to go through its specifications before you decide whether to pick up a cheap or cheaper handset. Yes, the ZTE Open II will be extremely far away from the high […]

ZTE Open C Announced
[MWC 2014] The folks over at ZTE (a company that has started to make waves in the global smartphone scene) from China have just introduced yet another creation of theirs, which is the ZTE Open C. What makes the ZTE Open C so special? It has been described to be one of the first devices that will run on the most recent version of Firefox OS, where it has been […]

Ibis Conceptual Smartwatch
[MWC 2014] There is just something about concepts that we absolutely love – not only does it enable the particular designer to come up with outrageous hardware specifications which are way ahead of its time, that even some say will be impossible to achieve in the future, one is also not shackled by the laws of physics. Well, Creoir Ltd. did showcase a smartwatch known as Ibis at Mobile World […]

WhatsApp Voice Calls Coming Later This Year
WhatsApp has been in the news quite a lot recently, obviously this can be chalked up to the fact that Facebook has agreed to pay $19 billion to acquire the world’s most popular cross platform messaging service. This rags to riches story will inspire many for years to come, but just because its being acquired doesn’t mean that WhatsApp will cease to exist. Facebook will continue to run it as […]

SwiftKey For Nokia X Will Be Available Free Of Charge
The Google Play Store is full of custom Android keyboards but only few are as well known as SwiftKey, which bills itself as the “world’s smartest predictive keyboard.” This premium keyboard, which costs $3.99 on the Play Store, is certainly a popular choice with Android users. Those who switch to Nokia’s new Android phones will fortunately be getting SwiftKey for free.

Nokia X and XL Android Phones: Hands-On
This morning, the world has had confirmation from Nokia that the rumors were true: Nokia has launched a couple of Android devices – but not the ordinary kind. Nokia wants to use Android to grow faster in emerging markets, but they are not using the typical Android distribution backed by the licensed modules from Google like the Google Play Market, Gmail etc. Instead, Nokia will promote Microsoft Cloud Services, and […]

Sony Xperia Z2 Hands-On
Since the launch of the Xperia Z,  Sony has been back in the mobile handset game, and today, I was impressed with the quality of the new Xperia Z2 that was unveiled at the press conference at MWC.The key features of the latest Sony flagship are its gorgeous 5.2-inch Full HD Triluminos display and a 20.7 Megapixel camera featuring an Exmor RS sensor and Sony’s G lens.Sony’s mobile camera sensor […]

Mozilla Plan On Bringing $25 Smartphones To The Market
Smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, and naturally different price points as well. We have seen low-end handsets, and we have seen high-end handsets, all of which cater to different markets. That being said, it sees that Mozilla is planning on launching a smartphone that will ultimately cost just $25. Wait, but how is this possible? Well this is possible in part thanks to Mozilla’s recent partnership with Spreadtrum […]

The New YotaPhone Has Been Announced
Some of you might recall that back in 2013, a certain Russian handset called the YotaPhone was released. In terms of being a smartphone, it was your standard fare in terms of its hardware and whatnot, but what made the YotaPhone stand out from the crowd was the fact that it came packing an e-ink display on the back of it, which we have to say made it a really […]

Alcatel One Touch Unveils New Trio Of Pop Smartphones
[MWC 2014] So here we are at another year’s edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and have just heard how Alcatel One Touch has announced a bunch of smartphones from the Pop smartphone line, where it will be known as “Pop S“. The ‘S’ suffix actually stands for speed, where it was obviously named by a Captain Obvious somewhere. The Alcatel Pop S7 as seen above will come […]

Nokia X And Nokia X+ Unveiled
[MWC 2014] After plenty of rumors that has gone around concerning the Nokia X, also known as the Nokia Normandy, we are pleased to say that this particular smartphone has been announced. While both of them are capable of running Android applications, they will also deliver special Nokia experiences, where they include a wide range of popular Microsoft services. Nokia has continued their trend of pattern of bold and vibrant […]

Nokia XL Is Nokia's Third And Largest Android Device
[MWC 2014] So it turns out that the rumors were partially correct. Initially many had thought that only the Nokia X would be announced at MWC 2014, followed by two more Nokia Android devices in the later part of the year, but they were wrong as Nokia has not only announced the Nokia X, the Nokia X+, but also the Nokia XL.

Nokia 220 And Asha 230 Announced
[MWC 2014] Nokia might have high end smartphones for the masses, but this does not mean that they also neglect those who find the likes of a Lumia Icon expensive, and yet want an extremely affordable phone that can hook up to the Internet. The answer to that? The Nokia 220, where it has been described to be “super affordable” alongside a 2.4″ display, Facebook and Twitter pre-loaded that will […]

Sony SmartBand SWR10 Will Be Available In March
[MWC 2014] Back at CES 2014, Sony announced a wearable device called the SmartBand SWR10. The device itself is rather inconspicuous in terms of its design and is relatively thin in nature, making it a perfect device for those who would rather not sport something ostentatious on their wrists. That being said, not much was known about the device back then, but Sony promised more would be revealed at MWC […]

BBM And Photoshop Express Headed For Windows Phone Platform
[MWC 2014] Here we are at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and Stephen Elop has taken to the stage by touting just how well Windows Phone as a mobile operating system has done for itself over the years, where we are now at a point in time when Windows Phone holds 10% of the mobile operating system market, with an interesting snippet that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the […]

Sony Xperia M2 Mid-Range Smartphone
MWC is here us and we’re sure many are looking forward to seeing the latest and most high-end handsets make their debut. After all who doesn’t love to see what kind of powerful hardware manufacturers can pack into phones these days, right? However as much as we’d like to see the best of the best smartphones, more often than not manufacturers need to cater to those on a budget or […]