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Myspace Has Lost A Decade's Worth Of Music Uploads
You may not give MySpace a second thought these days but it was a major social network a long time ago. It has obviously not aged well since the advent of Facebook and other platforms but has kept chugging along. A recent server migration will cause problems for users who have still been holding on to their MySpace uploads from over a decade ago because the platform has lost a […]

Old MySpace Accounts Are Apparently Easy To Steal
These days Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are pretty much the default social media, and we expect that given how big these platforms are, it will be a while before we see them dethroned. However back in the day, MySpace was the king, or at least it was one of the more dominant platforms available at that time.

Myspace Hack Confirmed By Time Inc.
It has only been a few months since Time acquired and now it’s having to do damage control for a major hack that appears to have compromised passwords of hundreds of millions of people. Time Inc. has confirmed through a press release that earlier this week its technical teams were notified of attempts to sell Myspace usernames, passwords and email addresses registered before June 2013 online.

Hacker Tries To Sell 427 Million Stolen MySpace Passwords
Here’s a question for you guy: how many of you still use MySpace? The social media platform was huge back in the day but safe to say that it isn’t what it used to be, but obviously there are probably many of us who still have accounts with the platform. If you’re the type that has used the same password for the past 10-15 years, then maybe this should be […]


Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility For Knocking Facebook Offline [Updated]
Update – Facebook released a statement claiming that it was not a hack, but due to changes they made to their configuration system.In case you weren’t aware, earlier Facebook and some of Facebook’s other services such as Messenger and Instagram went offline for a very brief period of time, which has been estimated to have been about an hour. So what was the problem? Maintenance? A server error? Or could it […]

MySpace Still Gets Visitors
Just how often do you think that folks still log in to MySpace – regularly? Does it sound surprising that there are still people who log in to MySpace? In fact, the number of people who actually log in to MySpace has been touted to be approximately 50 million, at least according to Viant CEO Tim Vanderhook, who happens to own Specific Media, which in turn picked up MySpace for […]

New MySpace Launches Together With Justin Timberlake's New Single
The newly redesigned MySpace, which debuted in beta last year, is now being launched. The launch seems to be timed with the release of Justin Timberlake’s new single entitled “Suit & Tie” that features the famous rapper Jay-Z. A quick look at shows the advertisement of the song plastered across the landing page. In it, there’s Justin Timberlake, co-owner of Myspace, wearing that classic suit and tie, as the […]

MySpace coming back to life?
Last year we announced that MySpace would be revamped into a music-centric website, and it looks like its plan might be working. According the online social network, it reported that a million new users have signed up for an account since December. However, it didn’t mention anything about people leaving the website, so we’re not sure if a million new users translate into a net growth of a million users. But […]

Revamped MySpace to be music-centric
MySpace just won’t seem to die. After being revived so many times, each one more unsuccessful than the last, it has been reported that MySpace is going to be resuscitated once again. Specific Media, the latest owner of MySpace, has announced that the social networking service will be relaunched later this year with a new focus on what made it successful in the first place: the music. A good idea, […]

MySpace could charge for streaming music in the future
MySpace and Facebook have slugged it out a few years back, with the latter emerging to be the 800 lbs gorilla, while MySpace licks its wounds. Well, MySpace hopes to boost its sagging revenue figures by agreeing to an ad deal with Google that will expire when 2010 is no more, and has to look for alternative sources of revenue after that. In doing so, MySpace is mulling with the […]

Microsoft Kin Cloud Phones Launched
Microsoft has just launched its new phone service called Kin, along with two devices, named Kin 1 (Kin 1 photo gallery) and Kin 2 (Kin 2 photo gallery). The idea was to create a phone for heavy texters and those who love to stay in touch with friends and family through social networks. Microsoft has introduced a whole new user interface for its phones with design elements borrowed from Windows […]

Google Snaps Up Picnik Online Photo Editor
If you’ve been toying around with online photo editors, you’ve probably chanced upon Picnik by now, which is the default online photo editor used by Flickr. Whether you’re a fan of Google or not, the reality is that the search engine giant has just snapped up the cloud-based photo editing site. In case you didn’t know, Picnik has already been integrated with third-party sites such as Flickr, Facebook and MySpace, […]

GizaPage: Social Network Organizer
Another day, another tool to prevent “Social Networking fatigue”. Gizapage lets users manage their multiple online profiles from more than 40 social sites under a single customizable URL. (i.e Gizapages provides a main personal profile, users can add all their social networking profiles as separate tabs and discover faster their friends’s social profiles line up without having to browse several websites. This new services offers also a good control […]