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Update – Facebook released a statement claiming that it was not a hack, but due to changes they made to their configuration system.

In case you weren’t aware, earlier Facebook and some of Facebook’s other services such as Messenger and Instagram went offline for a very brief period of time, which has been estimated to have been about an hour. So what was the problem? Maintenance? A server error? Or could it have been a DDoS attack?

While Facebook has yet to comment on the reason why their website and services were taken offline, the hacker group Lizard Squad has come forward and claimed responsibility for it. According to the hackers, it seems that it wasn’t only Facebook’s services that were taken offline, but other online services too such as Tinder, AIM, Hipchat, and MySpace.

Like we said the attack was very brief and it did not appear to have any lasting damage, or so we hope. Assuming the Lizard Squad’s attack was the real deal, it would be the second attack the hacker group has launched this week. Just yesterday the Lizard Squad attacked the Malaysian Airlines’ website and replaced its contents with an image of a lizard and a slogan that read, “404 – Plane Not Found” in reference to the missing flight of MH370 from 2014.

The Lizard Squad was also responsible for the spate of Xbox Live attacks last year where the hack pretty much rendered the service useless which was frustrating as many gamers had hoped to be able to play their games during the Christmas break. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information and to see if there could have been any post-damages or leaks as a result of the DDoS.

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