It has only been a few months since Time acquired and now it’s having to do damage control for a major hack that appears to have compromised passwords of hundreds of millions of people. Time Inc. has confirmed through a press release that earlier this week its technical teams were notified of attempts to sell Myspace usernames, passwords and email addresses registered before June 2013 online.

One thing that Time doesn’t confirm in the press release is exactly how many accounts have been affected by this hack. Other reports suggest that the number might be as high as 360 million.

Myspace is reaching out to users who have been affected by this hack. It’s also working with the authorities to try and find the people who caused it.

It also points out that the breach is limited to accounts registered before June 2013 because in the summer of 2013 Myspace took significant steps to improve security as part of a site re-launch. Myspace currently uses advanced protocols to store passwords, in simple words, this means that if you signed up for Myspace after June 2013 you need not be concerned.

Myspace isn’t as popular as it used to be once. Chances are that you may have had an account at some point in time, so even if you haven’t used Myspace in years, it’s possible that your details could have been leaked as well. Keep an eye on your online presence, and if you have the bad habit of using one password across multiple services and never changing it, it’s time now to update your passwords.

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