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Nanoleaf Introduces 'Screen Mirror' Feature For An Aesthetic Experience
Nanoleaf is unquestionably one of the most popular companies to provide smart home lighting solutions.They offer are expensive add-ons to add an immersive lighting experience to your desk setup or the entertainment room.For obvious reasons, the products are considered to be premium lighting equipment for studios (or for personal usage).Now, it has introduced a new feature for its products. With the new feature – “Screen Mirror” – it will technically […]

Nanoleaf’s Wall Tiles Can Now Be Used As Razer Game Controls
If you’ve ever seen a room tour by a YouTuber, there is a good chance that some of these videos contain a Nanoleaf setup. In case you’re unfamiliar, Nanoleaf is a company that specializes in creating LED wall tiles that can light up individually, thus allowing users to form a variety of patterns and shapes to their liking.

Nanoleaf Unveils New Hexagonal, Touch-Enabled Smart Light Panels
#CES2019 – If you’re looking to add smart lighting to your room or home, some of you might be familiar with Nanoleaf. The company is probably best known for their triangular LED panels that can be controlled via smartphones, and in 2018 the company also debuted touch-enabled square panels.