Nanoleaf is unquestionably one of the most popular companies to provide smart home lighting solutions.

They offer are expensive add-ons to add an immersive lighting experience to your desk setup or the entertainment room.

For obvious reasons, the products are considered to be premium lighting equipment for studios (or for personal usage).

Now, it has introduced a new feature for its products. With the new feature – “Screen Mirror” – it will technically react to your screen activity with the Nanoleaf Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas.

In other words, it will match the theme of your screen and everything that goes on your screen. It may be annoying for some but if you are someone who appreciates the feature, it should be a fantastic experience to have.

Here’s the official video to get an idea:

You will be needing the latest version of Nanoleaf’s desktop app (which is available for Mac and Windows) to be able to enable the ‘Screen Mirror’ feature.

In addition to the feature, you will also notice that it works for most of the supported activities and apps – except Netflix. You can try a range of activities (playing a game, listening to music, opening different apps, and so on.)

You can be sure only when you try it out personally – but nevertheless, you can utilize it for most of the common activities that you would do on your Mac or Windows system.

What do you think about the latest feature for Nanoleaf products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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