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NASA Reveals Amazing 'Black Marble' Night Images Of Planet Earth
Watching our wonderful planet Earth from afar never looked this good. Behold! You are looking at an unprecedented new look at our planet at night. The scientists at NASA recently published these beautiful cloud-free night images of Earth taken from the new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite. The images, which forms a composite image, reveals the glow of natural and human-built phenomena across our planet in […]

Stolen NASA laptop strikes fear within the agency
Computers are repositories for important documents and personal files. That is why users ought to guard their computers with their life. Unfortunately for NASA, one of its laptops was stolen a few weeks ago. The stolen laptop was issued to an employee at the NASA headquarters in Washington. Two weeks ago, the laptop was stolen from a locked car, along with it personnel information such as the social security numbers […]

X1 exoskeletal robot suit for astronauts
When you are in space, the lack of gravity means stuff would be floating around unless they are strapped down or tied somewhere, and it does give you the illusion that you’re far stronger than normal as you handle a floating safe which you normally would be unable to budge while you are on earth. Not only that, the lack of gravity would also mean astronauts’ bone density gets affected […]

Curiosity is now Mayor of Mars after checking in Foursquare
While the billions of people here on earth try to carve up some space to live and being the “king/queen of his/her own castle”, the Mars rover from NASA known as Curiosity is living it out on the Red Planet that is thousands and thousands of miles away from us. As far as we know, it is the only man-made object surveying the landscape of Mars at the moment, taking […]


NASA aims to build a base on moon
Human bases built on other planets is a routine happening – at least as far as the realm of science fiction is concerned. But so far, there hasn’t been a real base put out there in a heavenly body by our race. That is about to change, though.NASA has unveiled its ambition of building a base on the moon. This is not the first time someone has come up with […]

NASA invests $2.7 million in 8 advanced robotics projects
NASA has rather ambitious space-explorations plans for the coming decades. The agency intends to put an actual human on Mars in 2035, something which may as yet sound like a far-fetched notion but may well become a reality soon.And to make it a reality, NASA is spending a whopping $2.7 million to help start eight advanced robotics projects. These projects are themed so that they will help the long-term Mars […]

Thor Hammer inspires NASA project for satellite deployment
We are quite sure that Chris Hemsworth has endeared himself to many people with his portrayal of Thor in the Avengers as well as his first Marvel movie, Thor. After all, who would want to turn down god-like powers not to mention having a bad-ass hammer that can be summoned at will, thrown at incredible speeds and distance, and cannot be lifted unless you are deemed as worthy?Fiction plays the […]

Gigabyte shirt carries data around
You would have heard of the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve”, but in the future, someone might actually ask you to wear your data. That puzzled look would soon make way for an acknowledgement in the future, as NASA scientists has discovered a method to transform fabrics into voluminous storage arrays. To put it in plain English, we are looking at a simple shirt being turned into a […]

Toothbrush fixes space station and tartar problems
The next time you grab the humble toothbrush to keep your pearly whites nice and clean, do remember that it is not only capable of putting tartar and plaque issues at bay, but with a little bit of ingenuity, a couple of astronauts managed to replaced a vital power unit on the International Space Station today with the help of a toothbrush. Of course, the toothbrush was not the only […]

Angry Birds Space Red Planet coming this fall
I guess you could rank this partnership as inevitable – NASA and Rovio teaming up to bring a one-off, special Curiosity-themed episode within the universe of Angry Birds Space itself. If you must know, this particular episode will deliver another 20 levels of pig popping goodness, although the landscape will be that of the dry, arid soil of Mars. Flinging your birds through a zero gravity environment might get old […]

Curiosity's first Mars track marks
Just like a doting parent, the folks over at NASA are fawning over the Curiosity Rover’s every single movement on the Red Planet after landing there earlier this month. Sure, we have seen its first panoramic photo, in addition to a high definition video of its rather pinpoint and accurate landing, so what other “firsts” are there to explore with the Curiosity? Here we are with a 360-degree panorama shot […]

Curiosity Mars landing captured in HD video
Since we are all about High Definition at the movies and in our living rooms these days, why not check out a historical landing made by NASA’s Curiosity Rover which was recorded in High Definition? Compiled from the probe’s MARDI descent camera, what you see above has been touted to be the best quality landing video to date, where it allows you to have a glimpse at what it feels […]

Aerogel from NASA is a super insulator
NASA might have garnered their fair share of attention with the introduction of the Curiosity Rover on Mars for some time now, but that does not mean the organization is resting on their laurels. You can be sure that they have plenty of concurrent projects running, and the aerogel is one of them. This particular flexible material is the second generation of its kind, where researchers over at NASA triumphantly […]

NASA reveals mission to study Mars' core
Mars has been a large subject of interest in the science community for years now. Many hope that eventually we’ll send a space shuttle there and set up some sort of space station. NASA’s most recent project was Curiosity, which landed just two weeks ago. Curiosity is NASA’s largest Mars rover to date and its two year mission is to discover if the planet was ever able to support life, […]