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Lyrid Meteor Shower Shown Live Via NASA’s Broadcast
NASA might have found 3 new planets in the habitable zone, but all of that would not amount to much until there really is solid, undeniable evidence of life out there. Well, here is something a little closer to home, with NASA sharing that they would want to project a webcast of the Lyrid meteor shower live. Of course, it has been calculated that the annual Lyrid meteor shower have […]

NASA Finds 3 New Planets In Habitable Zone
While NASA might be working hard to launching its new planet hunting mission in 2017, that doesn’t mean its not using the resources it currently has to discovery new and exciting things in the universe. In a press release today the agency says that it has discovered three new planets that are in the habitable zone. These super Earth sized planets are part of the two new planetary systems they have […]

New Fusion Rocket May Send Manned Spacecraft To Mars In 30 Days
NASA’s estimates that a manned trip to Mars and back using current technology could take two years. That’s quite a lot for a mission that has never been done before. There’s a new fusion rocket that is going to be built by a research group of the University of Washington. If all goes well, and this rocket is built and deemed to be fully operational, it could send a manned […]

NASA Proposes To Capture An Asteroid To Learn How Better Earth's Defenses
Considering a 10-ton meteorite crashed into Russia this past February, we think it’s about time NASA starts studying asteroids to help keep us informed about their potential risks. NASA is announcing that exact project will be happening by the end of the decade as they plan on capturing a small asteroid and wrangling it back to Earth’s vicinity in order to stage manned visits to learn more about asteroids.The mission’s overview […]


NASA To Use Google And MIT Backed Satellite For Finding New Planets
NASA has announced that it is launching a mission to hunt for new planets. Under NASA’s Astrophysics Explorer program, the planet hunting mission is expected to be launched in 2017. The agency will be making use of TESS or Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to conduct an all sky transit survey. The satellite allows them to cover 400 times as much sky as any previous mission. It is capable of identifying […]

Curiosity Mars Rover Hit By Computer Glitch Again
The Curiosity Mars Rover that hails from NASA is extremely far away from home, and it will see out the rest of its remaining days on the Red Planet, but it seems that all is not fine and dandy with this remotely controlled robot. Perhaps it is home-sick (it is a joke, people!), but another computer glitch has hit Curiosity, which would prevent it from resuming its science experiments. According […]

Curiosity Rover Discovers Conditions On Mars Suited For Ancient Life
It was late last summer when the Curiosity Rover made landed on Mars, and several months later, has stumbled onto an important discovery during its time on the red planet.According to a NASA press release sent out today, the Curiosity Rover has come across conditions that could have supported living microbes. Lead Mars Exploration Program scientist Michael Meyer laid out today’s discovery.“A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars […]

Space Radiation Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease
It looks like insomnia isn’t just a problem for astronauts in space. According to a new research, space radiation may speed up the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have discovered that a specific kind of space radiation known as high-mass, high-charged (or HZE) particles poses a threat to astronauts. These cosmic radiations, most likely the result of exploding stars, move in space at very high speeds and can punch through […]

NASA Plans To Drag Asteroid Into Moon's Orbit
According to researchers from the Keck Institute for Space Studies in California, NASA is reportedly considering a plan to capture a near-Earth asteroid and have it dragged into our moon’s orbit. The asteroid is named 1999 AO10, and it reportedly weights 1.1 million-pounds. To make that happen, NASA will need to build a robotic spacecraft that is capable of dragging the said asteroid. 1999 AO10 has been reportedly chosen because […]

NASA Using LED Lights To Cure Insomnia In Space
Being an astronaut is no easy job. But the job gets tougher when insomnia strikes in. Astronauts usually get around six hours of sleep, but the hectic and demanding schedule due to the unusual environment increases the factors that contribute to sleep deprivation and eventually, insomnia. “The station is noisy, carbon dioxide is high, you don’t have a shower, there’s a lot of angst because you’ve got to perform. Imagine […]

NASA's Z-1 Prototype Spacesuit Is Beginning To Look More Like Buzz Lightyear
NASA has finished testing its Z-1 prototype spacesuit. The Z-1 spacesuit, which was first revealed in July, was praised for its versatility. Today, we are looking at the rough final design of the prototype. Judging from the image above, which shows the spacesuit’s large hemispherical transparent dome and classic white suit with bright green stripes on it, it interestingly bears a passing resemblance to the fictional character in the Toy […]

NASA's Johnson Style Is A Gangnam Style Parody
The folks over at NASA know how to work hard and play hard. NASA’s latest project isn’t a probe or a satellite, instead, it is a quirky educational parody of Psy’s Gangnam Style. The main goal of the project is to inform the public about the amazing work going on at NASA and the Johnson Space Center. As seen above, the nearly 4-minute video is entitled “NASA Johnson Style,” and it is […]

NASA To Crash 'Ebb and Flow' Probes Into The Moon
In what appears to be a worthy resting place for NASA’s probes, the space agency is announcing today that it will smash Ebb and Flow – NASA’s two tiny probes – into the Moon. NASA says that the probes will end their controlled descent on a mountain near the Moon’s north pole at about 22:28 GMT. The probes are expected to crash at a speed of 3,760 miles per hour […]

NASA's ‘Black Marble’ Night Images Now On Google Maps
NASA published the ‘Black Marble’ night images of our wonderful world last week, and we were really amazed seeing the glow of our precious planet at night time. Well, it looks like we will be seeing those spectacular images once again, but this time, on Google Maps. That’s because Google has partnered with NASA and NOAA to bring Black Marble’ night images into Google Maps.Google made the announcement via Google+, saying, […]