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NASA Releases Historical Footage On YouTube
NASA wants to make it easier for people researching into its discoveries and achievements to find what they’re looking for. To that end, the agency has now announced that it’s releasing hundreds of videos containing important historical footage on YouTube. This footage spans several decades and shows just how things have advanced at the space agency.

Apple’s Latest AR Hire Used To Work At NASA
Apple and its CEO’s love for augmented reality is pretty well-known and well-documented, which is why there has been speculation that the iPhone 8 could somehow see the company introduce some AR features to it, and it seems that Apple’s latest hire isn’t doing them any favors in quieting the speculation.

NASA Will Stream From Space In 4K For The First Time Ever On April 26th
If you’re not used to watching 4K content the sheer quality can take you by surprise. 4K televisions and monitors are getting cheaper and content is becoming easier to find. If you happen to own a display that’s capable of 4K resolution, you might want to tune in on April 26th because that’s when NASA is going to join forces with Amazon to stream live in 4K from space.

SpaceX And NASA Working To Identify Landing Spots On Mars
NASA has been working with the aim of putting humans on Mars for a very long time. It’s not alone in this endeavor, many private companies on working on something similar, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX. According to a new report, SpaceX has been working with NASA to identify potential landing spots on the Red Planet. They will study the viability of the spots that they pick in a bid to […]


NASA Discovers 7 Earth-Sized Planets 40 Light Years Away From Us
There are some who say that to think that Earth is the only planet in the universe that has living creatures is a very arrogant way of thinking, but so far from all of our explorations into space, there hasn’t really been much evidence to suggest otherwise, or at least as far as living creatures/organisms are concerned.

NASA Uses Pressure-Sensitive Paint To Test Their Rockets
Sending rockets up into space is an expensive process which is why it is incredibly heartbreaking to see when sometimes rockets fail to launch, or something goes wrong halfway. While there could be a number of reasons why rockets fail to take off or fail halfway, NASA has recently decided to employ the use of pressure-sensitive paints.

NASA Shares Its Database Of GIFs With Giphy
Giphy is one of the many databases in which users can access animated GIFs to be used in their conversations, like on Apple’s iMessages, or on the internet. Now it seems that NASA has decided to open up their database of GIFs to Giphy to allow users to access various space and NASA-related GIFs.

NASA Observatory Captures Rare Double Eclipse On Video
The universe is fascinating and the folks at NASA are actively involved in unraveling its mysteries. They often catch something interesting happening up there that’s impossible for us to see down here. Last week, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO caught a rare double eclipse on video. As I said, it’s fascinating!

NASA Successfully Reestablishes Contact With Spacecraft After 2 Years
If a car goes missing, you can attempt to track it down by sending out search parties, but if a spacecraft goes missing or if contact has been lost, that’s a whole different story. In fact it might be safe to assume that if that happens, you can pretty much write it off as a very expensive loss, but it seems that was something NASA wasn’t quite prepared to do […]

A Private Company Has Been Allowed To Fly To The Moon
Crank up that Sinatra song because a private company might be flying you to the moon in the future. The United States government has allowed a private company to make a trip to the moon, the first of its kind to be made by a private entity, as the government has never before allowed a private space mission beyond our planet’s orbit. It will be sending a robotic lander to […]

NASA Spots Mysterious Morse Code-Like Message On Mars
Is there life on Mars? Could they be hidden? Or did the US government discover life but are keeping it a secret from the public? We suppose those are questions that many of us are asking, and just recently it seems that the conspiracy theorists managed to add fuel to the fire thanks to recent photos snapped by NASA of Mars.

Code That Took Apollo 11 To The Moon Is Now Available Online
The first moon landing was no easy feat. It was an effort that involved a considerable amount of time and resources. The technology wasn’t as advanced in the 1960s as it is today so creating a software guidance system for the Apollo 11 was easier said than done. History will testify that it was done and now you can peruse that bit of history online. The Apollo 11 guidance computer […]

NASA Gives Five-Year Extension To Hubble Telescope
NASA has confirmed a five-year extension for the popular Hubble telescope, the telescope enables the agency to look deep into the universe. Work has already been underway for a long time on the Hubble’s successor but this extension means that Hubble is still going to be in operation when its successor arrives in space. The Hubble has served mankind faithfully, it has been up in space for nearly three decades.

NASA Testing Hybrid Plane With 14 Electric Motors
NASA is working to shape the future of air transport, it has announced that it’s conducting research on a unique plane that’s powered by 14 electric motors. The plane NASA is working on is called X-57 or “Maxwell,” and it’s the agency’s first X-plane in nearly a decade. The plan with this project is to develop technologies that reduce emissions, reduce noise, and increase fuel efficiency.