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NASA Testing Hybrid Plane With 14 Electric Motors
NASA is working to shape the future of air transport, it has announced that it’s conducting research on a unique plane that’s powered by 14 electric motors. The plane NASA is working on is called X-57 or “Maxwell,” and it’s the agency’s first X-plane in nearly a decade. The plan with this project is to develop technologies that reduce emissions, reduce noise, and increase fuel efficiency.

Jupiter's Europa Moon Might Be Able To Support Life
For centuries, man has looked to the sky and wondered if it’s truly alone in this vast universe and if it’s possible to sustain human life on planets other than our own. Sincere efforts are being made to answer these questions and as humans try to camp out on Mars, research continues into planets far away from Earth and their potential to harbor life. A NASA study has found that […]

Mercury Makes Rare Trip Between Earth And Sun On Monday
If the solar system fascinates you as it rightly should you might want to pay attention. Mercury, which happens to be the smallest planet in our solar system, is going to make a very rare trip between the Sun and the floating sphere we call home on Monday, NASA has confirmed. We’ll be able to watch as it crosses in front of the sun on May 9th.

NASA Launches New Program For Green Aviation Technology
NASA has announced the launch of the “New Aviation Horizons” program aimed at developing green aviation technologies. The idea is to develop an entirely new generation of X-Planes over the next decades to speed up the adoption of advanced green aviation technologies by the industry. NASA has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge aviation technologies in the past as well so this new program is going to be a good step […]


NASA Leverages Microsoft HoloLens To Simulate Mars Experience
While we do know that the Microsoft HoloLens has started to ship out to developers already, not to mention an analyst mentioning that the hardware could actually feel very hot after extended usage for the simple fact that it is a self-contained computer, we have word from NASA that they are looking to work with the HoloLens in order to simulate the experience of walking on Mars – visually at […]

NASA To Build Exoplanet Searching Tool
What happens when you have some of the very best brains around, with a healthy budget to play with, merged with the sense of adventure to look out for what lies beyond? Well, NASA has all of the above qualities as an organization, and they are investing $10 million in an instrument that is specially meant to hunt for exoplanets – albeit in three years’ time, that is, 2019.

Scientists To Send Fungi To Space In Search For New Medicine
It does seem as though space is shaping up to be the next frontier for humanity, where there has been a fair number of expeditions and experiments done there, including the intention of setting a cargo ship on fire in space intentionally. Well, this time around, it looks as though scientists intend to send some fungi into space, as they keep their fingers crossed that new medicine can be researched […]

NASA Will Set Fire On A Cargo Ship In Space Intentionally
NASA has confirmed that it’s going to intentionally set a cargo ship in space on fire. In the coming week, the agency’s commercial partner Orbital ATK is going to launch its Cygnus cargo spacecraft that’s going to take up supplies and other important inventory to the ISS but that’s not where the mission is going to end.

NASA: February Hits Record Global Temperatures
Global warming is a very real issue, that is for sure. Otherwise, the folks over at NASA would not have reported that the month of February saw the surpassing of global temperature records – and not just by a teensy weensy bit, but rather, by a stunning margin. Now as citizens of this one and only earth, this is definitely something which we all need to be concerned with.

NASA's Mars Mission Is Back On Track
InSight, NASA’s next big mission to the Red Planet, is now back on track. The space agency is now looking at a May 5th, 2018 launch window with the landing expected to take place on November 26, 2018. It’s not going to be a manned mission, work is underway to make that possible, but putting humans on Mars is going to take considerably more time than just sending robots.

NASA Wants To Replace The Concorde
If you have the slightest interest in aviation then you certainly would have heard about the Concorde. It was the only supersonic passenger jet that flew for a few years before being retired. There hasn’t been one since but NASA is looking to fill that gap. The agency has asked industry teams to submit preliminary design concepts of a “low-boom” passenger jet that can fly at supersonic speeds.

NASA's Laser Propulsion System Might Shorten Trip To Mars Drastically
Ah, Mars. The Red Planet has been a subject of fascination for many over the years, where there were even plans to nuke it, while various rockets by NASA has been worked on in an effort to send mankind there – with some optimistically projecting a 30-day journey to boot. Well, it looks like NASA might have broken through a new barrier this time around with their laser propulsion system […]

NASA To Build Mother Of All Telescopes
It looks like the folks over at NASA are about to roll up their sleeves and work on a brand new telescope which could help us hunt down any other life forms out there, as well as stand a chance to check out any possible mysteries that the universe carries during the ride. This telescope will be known as the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), where it will boast of […]

AnonSec Claims To Have Controlled Drone After Stealing NASA Data
It looks like hacktivist group AnonSec is back under the spotlight once again, where they tout to have gotten control of a drone in addition to leaked data from NASA computers, and the reason behind this act is to prove a chemtrail conspiracy theory. Earlier this Monday, AnonSec revealed 250GB of data which they claimed were retrieved from NASA’s systems, and also touted that indicators of their presence on NASA’s […]