While we do know that the Microsoft HoloLens has started to ship out to developers already, not to mention an analyst mentioning that the hardware could actually feel very hot after extended usage for the simple fact that it is a self-contained computer, we have word from NASA that they are looking to work with the HoloLens in order to simulate the experience of walking on Mars – visually at the moment, of course.

One will be able to get a feel of the virtual tour of Mars some time later this coming summer should you decide to drop by the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. So far, NASA has managed to recruit the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin in order to act as a holographic tour guide, where he will have the assistance of the Curiosity Mars rover driver Erisa Hines.

Whenever you are ambling along what you think is Mars, you can have the benefit of stopping by some of the locations in which the Curiosity rover visited over the time that it spent on Mars – except that you won’t come across any Decepticons as envisioned by Michael Bay, of course. Sounds like a pretty cool experience – perhaps having it in a zero gravity environment would be cooler? [Press Release]

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