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Tesla-inspired Nerf gun
My first experience with how a Tesla coil works was not entirely scientific, as it was set in the battlefields of Command & Conquer, the unbelievable world where tanks are stopped by the presence of sandbags. Well, hacker Rob Flickenger sure has a better way of implementing the wonders of Tesla in the form of a Tesla coil gun which uses the Nerf gun as its starting point. Obviously, the […]

Steampunk Nerf rifle looks pretty menacing
We’ve come across several steampunk Nerf guns in the past, although they’ve largely been limited to handgun versions, so if you feel those aren’t as menacing as you’d like, perhaps this steampunk Nerf rifle ought to do the trick. Created by deviantART member, vanbangerburger, this steampunk inspired Nerf rifles sports a couple of steampunk accessories and a new coat of paint, and even comes with a pair of steampunk goggles […]

Nerf gun gets the steampunk treatment
Steampunk fans out there, how about adding another steampunk inspired Nerf gun to your collection? A while back we reported on a steampunk inspired Nerf gun, but if that was a little too big or too pricey for your taste, how about checking out a smaller and more affordable steampunk Nerf gun instead? 

Nerf Vortex ready to heat up your summer
As a kid, surely you have had experience with a Nerf gun, no? Good news for those who want to relive their childhood (or introduce the video game generation to some outdoor activity) as Nerf has a new set of upcoming blasters for the masses known as the Vortex. While the Vortex line will only arrive on store shelves sometime in September, San Franciscans are a privileged lot as it […]


Nerf ball boasts 9-axis inertial sensing motion processor and Bluetooth connectivity
Most of us would think that a Nerf ball is just that, being made up of some sort of sponge, but check out just what an enterprising brain can result in – this Nerf ball will come with a 9-axis inertial sensing motion processor and Bluetooth connectivity, where it will play nice with an app that is powered by what is dubbed the Replay Football system. To put it plainly, […]

Nerf Gun, mouse, Kinect combined together to play House of the Dead
In one of the more creative mods we’ve seen recently, a hobbyist named Tony Blanch built his own motion controller for playing House of the Dead on the computer. He took apart a Nerf gun and added a circuit board that was ripped out of a 5 button wireless mouse. He then set up a Microsoft Kinect to recognize the gun moving and to translate that movement into the mouse […]

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire brings some fun to the office
If you ever want to release some stress in the office, just look up at the array of Nerf tags and chances are you will find something that suits you. The Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire is one device that is guaranteed to have the office heave a sigh of relief, as it is capable of injecting some laughter and release stress since it shoots up to 20 darts in rapid […]

Rugged NERF Remote For Wii Visits The FCC
Considering the amount of swinging that games on the Nintendo Wii require, it’s easy to imagine many Wiimotes being smashed as they accidentally slip from your grip. If you’ve experienced the heartbreak of smashing your Wiimote before, you’ll be happy to hear that the NERF Remote for Wii has passed through the FCC today, offering a heavily padded version of the Wiimote that looks like it can take quite a […]

Heat Seeking Nerf machine gun
Heat seeking missiles used to be the bomb, but good thing dummy flares have been created to counter such missiles – otherwise, Iron Man would have been toast a long time ago in the skies. Well, we humans can’t outrun missiles, but we can certainly dodge Nerf bullets – not until they come up against the heat seeking Nerf machine gun which is capable of seeking out body heat to […]

NERF 2: N-Strike Elite For The Wii
Just when you thought that the Wii was nothing but a platform for games with waggle controls, along comes NERF 2: N-Strike Elite that will be an exclusive title for the Wii platform. Each purchase of this game when it hits this fall will come bundled with a newly designed blue NERF SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster and attachable decoder lens, helping deliver a blend of covert operation elements with over-the-top […]