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Play NES games on your Windows Phone 7 device
A developer has managed to port a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator over to the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Called SharpNES, the homebrew app only took a couple of hours to bring to the platform, but still requires more work to be optimized for the system. In a video demo released by the developer, Matt Bettcher, besides some graphical glitches and the noticeable slowdown, it works pretty well and […]

NES console joystick mod
Many of us have an old NES lying around, and regardless of whether it still works or not, chances are that you don’t play with it all that often. If your fingers are feeling the need to do some hardware hacking, you could always do what this particular person out there has done and turn the console into a joystick that can be used for other consoles. It looks pretty […]

NES Electric Guitar
So you’ve seen a giant NES controller coffee table yesterday, now how about checking out an NES console that has been modified in such an interesting manner, it has turned into an electric guitar instead. Yes sir, this custom 6-string electric guitar sports one of the more interesting form factors, resulting in an NES body alongside a standard neck with a hard-tail bridge to boot. There is also a single […]

Giant NES Controller Coffee Table Has Built-in NES Console
We previously saw a giant NES coffee table and now we’ve got a 10:1 scale NES controller table. Aside from looking very much like the original controller, complete with product details carved into the back of the table, the modder actually placed a functional NES inside the table, allowing you to game with the controller (since the buttons and D-pad function). It’s looks like a job well done and you […]


Awesome NES Coffee Table Up For Sale On eBay
You might remember the giant-sized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was covered a while back. Well, if you couldn’t stop dreaming about it but don’t have the handyman skills to create one yourself, you’re in luck, as the table has been put up for auction on eBay. Bidding opened at $400, but has since risen to $710 (at time of writing). For your money’s worth, you’ll get a good looking […]

NES controller receives Rumble Pak
Hmmm, isn’t this like a couple of decades too late? After all, how many of you rock on to the NES even today? There might be pockets of fans here and there, but how many will religiously sit in front of their TV just to get a fix of Mario after work? Perhaps the introduction of a Rumble Pak built right into an NES controller might do the trick, thanks […]

NES Console Turned Into A DVD Player
Can’t decide what to do with your old NES gaming console? Well, if you have some time this weekend and don’t mind tinkering around, perhaps you’d want to turn it into a DVD player, complete with a DVD-tray popping out from the front. The remote control has also been crammed into the NES controller shell, keeping the authentic look of this console. Instructions of this mod have been posted online, […]

DIY: NES Bluetooth Android Controller
Having trouble playing Super Mario on your Android-powered device? Perhaps a NES controller might be able to help you out. A modder out there combined a breakout board, Arduino, and a blueSMIRF Bluetooth module to allow the NES controller to be used with the Android-device. Check out a video of the user playing Super Mario Bros. 3 with this controller after the jump!

Glow-in-the-dark NES Tron Mod
This Tron-inspired NES mod must have taken quite a bit of effort to come up with, as it does look good. Despite looking great under the light, the console really seems to come to life when you put it under a black light, giving you that glowing look. The power switches have also been rigged with blue LEDs behind them, glowing to match the rest of the console.Part of this […]

Hyperkin RetroN 3 Allows You To Game With Your Old NES, Genesis And Super Nintendo Cartridges Again
Is your old gaming console trashed, but the games still work? If you’re nostalgic and want to play those games again without having to resort to an emulator, the folks over at Hyperkin might have something that would interest you – the RetroN 3. This gaming console supports games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, all in one handy package. If you still have […]

NES cartridge now capable of handling Game Boy titles
The NES was certainly king of its day a couple of decades ago, where it reigned supreme in living rooms throughout America as well as the rest of the world when video gaming became mainstream, and kids preferred to lock themselves inside their homes during the summer months, beating up thugs in Double Dragon instead of enjoying the cool, fresh air outside. Bunnyboy decided to include an added capability into […]

DIY Nintendo Home Theater PC
Can’t decide what to do with your aging NES system at home? If you’re not using it to play those nostalgic games anymore, you could always attempt to transform it into a home theater PC (HTPC), which is what this person on Etsy has done. This mod sees a Zotac motherboard, dual-core 1.66GHz Intel Atom N330, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and 2GB RAM stuffed into the original NES casing, making it […]

Super Mario Bros Running On The Amazon Kindle
While most folks would use Amazon’s Kindle for reading eBooks, it seems like there is a possibility to get Super Mario Bros running on it too, though whether you’d want to play Super Mario Bros on it is a whole different issue. What the developers over at KLab did is they popped a NES emulator for the Kindle, and in the video (after the jump) it’s running in a Kindle […]

Old Stadium Events NES Game Sells For $41300 On eBay
Maybe the next time the missus decides to trash all your old gaming systems in the house you might want to quickly run through the value of the items that are to be disposed. Dave from Kansas got a rather cool deal when he noticed that someone auctioned off a copy of Stadium Events for $13,000, and remembering that he had a copy of it still factory sealed in his […]