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Lunch box made from NES gaming console brings back fond memories
We’re not sure if there is an age limit to bringing a lunch box in to work, but if you were a fan and had great memories playing the NES while you were growing up as a kid, we’re sure that this Nintendo Entertainment System Lunch Box will most definitely be a piece of memorabilia worth picking up! As the name itself has implied, this is a lunch box that […]

Wooden NES coffee table doubles up as a fully functional controller as well
We’ve seen our fair share of furniture carved in the shape of objects from television shows and computer games, but we have to admit that this wooden NES controller coffee table takes the cake. Shaped like the original NES controller that veteran gamers will probably recognize from back in the day, not only does it function as a perfectly fine coffee table, but it is apparently a fully functional NES […]

Battlefield 3 plays NES sound effects
We have East meets West, and now, Old meets New. The world of video games might soon see a new trend, where folks mix and match both visuals and graphics from two different eras of games. YouTube user Omega52 actually switched the audio from Battlefield 3 with NES sound effects, and that totally changes the way the game is played. After all, poor sound design does play a role in […]

NES console has world's largest video game controller record
The humble NES, a device that ensured kids preferred staying indoors rather than to play in the real world outdoors since the 1980s, certainly deserves a place in video game pantheon. Well, there is another feather to add to its cap which is already brimming with feathers – as it now holds the world record of having the largest video game controller in the world. Unveiled to the world at […]


Zelda NES case mod features a light-up Link [Updated]
There have been case mods done in the past, although if you’re a Zelda fan you might get a kick out of this. This Legend of Zelda case mode for the NES was done by Ryan Fitzpatrick with the help of console painter Jayrod2. Based on the photo above of the finished product, we have to admit that it was a pretty good job and it looks sleek and elegant […]

NES controller plays iCade games on the iPad
If you love retro gaming on your iPad, you’ve probably wished for a physical controller to play games with instead using the touchscreen on the tablet. And if you have, what better way to do it than to use some authentic retro controllers like the one from the NES? Paul Rickards, a self-professed tinkerer, did just that; when he accidentally discovered that it was possible (he was playing around with […]

HandyNES offers portable NES goodness
Some people are just so darn handy with their hands – case in point, Ben Heck with his many creations which have proved to be really, really cool over the years. Well, here is yet another hardware mod that was not created by Ben Heck, but it is still some piece of work. A portable NES from the very same person who also did the HandyDuo, Handy Gear, and Nintenduo. […]

NES Controller USB Flash Drive
If you are a geek at heart and grew up with video games from the 8-bit era, then surely the NES is something you cherish during your younger days. Granted, the super pixelated graphics are extremely outdated, but somehow, firing up an old classic or two once in a while still brings a smile to your face. Just like your first love whom you cannot forget, the NES with its […]

Recycling Entertainment System makes music with old NES controllers
Nobody likes throwing out old stuff, and with retro being the new cool nowadays, repurposing old gadgets and devices for new features is pretty common. But not every day we encounter a device as funky as this. A hobbyist named Benjamin Gaulon gathered a bunch of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controllers, hooked them up to a central hub and created a musical device that can be controlled by up to […]

DIY NES in a NES-ted cartridge
OK, so I couldn’t help myself with the “nested” pun in the title, but it does make plenty of sense (to me, at least). The wonders of miniaturization has brought us to this crossroads, where the old school Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console has been shrunk into the physical size of an NES game cartridge. Yes, you read that right – a DIY enthusiast actually went through the trouble of […]

Portable NES Console lets you play Zelda on the go
If you’re too retro for playing old school games on a modern gaming console like the PSP or your cellphone, this portable NES console mod is just for you. A modder named Doug recently finished creating his own portable NES console, and it looks fantastic. Good thing for us, he detailed the whole process from the start to finish, so if you’re interested in building yourself a portable NES, you […]

RoboTouch: an NES controller used to play games on an iPad
Ever seen a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller used to play games on an iPad? Probably not. Well the folks over at ProtoDojo have come up with one of the strangest iPad gaming controllers ever. Called the RoboTouch, it makes use of an NES controller, plugged into an Arduino board, connected to a set of arms attached to servo motors that are placed on the iPad’s screen. They’ve managed to […]

NES turned into a breathalyzer
An engineer with time on his hands decided to repurpose his Nintendo Entertainment System into a breathalyzer called DrunkenNES. Using a combination of hardware and software, he managed to turn an NES cartridge into a working breathalyzer unit, and he coded a program on the NES to calculate the readings from the controller. After analyzing the breath of a “player”, they get a score and a rating such as “Buzzy […]

Hobbyist creates giant NES guitar controller
A hobbyist has managed to construct his own “Guitar Hero” controller that resembles a huge NES controller that’s been cut into the guitar shape. Using parts found around the house, wood and the Xbox controller’s rumble pad, he crafted this NES guitar that he plans to use for an upcoming game he’s developing, aptly named, 8-bit hero. The game will be a Guitar Hero style game that features only classic […]