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To Have World’s Largest EV Fast Charging Network
The Netherlands would get the world's most comprehensive EV charging network soon.

iPads Replace School Blackboards In Netherlands
iPads replace textbooks in Netherlands schools.

Dutch court rejects Samsung's request for iPhone 4S ban
In the whole Apple vs Samsung saga, Apple has been basing their arguments of patent infringement largely upon the design and look of Samsung’s products, claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet resembles their iPad. Samsung on the other hand is using hardware as their argument, claiming that Apple was infringing upon wireless technology patents used in their iPhones and 3G iPads. However while Apple has been seeing success […]

Modified Samsung Galaxy phones have "photo flicking" replaced
Yesterday we reported that Samsung would be modifying a number of its Galaxy phones just so that they can sell them in the Netherlands, but we didn’t know what modifications were made. Well, the folks over at got in touch with the company and found out what some of the modifications will be. One of the revamped features will be an alternative to “photo flicking” when looking at photos […]


Samsung seeks to ban iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands
We had only just reported that Samsung had plans to take a more aggressive approach to the ongoing legal battles with Apple, and true to their word Samsung has recently launched an offensive against Apple in the Netherlands where they are seeking the ban of Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

Apple vs. Samsung: no infringement in 9 out of 10 claims [Dutch court]
In the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, we know that the Dutch court has finally kept pace with the rest of Europe in banning sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but what’s interesting is this – the very same court also claims that there is no infringement in 9 out of 10 IP (Intellectual Property) rights claim. How strange is that? Samsung is pleased that there is only […]

Courts in Netherlands grants Apple temporary injunction for Samsung Galaxy phones
A while back we reported that Apple was seeking not only to just ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the Netherlands, but also the Galaxy series of smartphones by the Korean company. Despite the questionable evidence that Apple presented the German courts it appears that the courts in Netherlands has sided with Apple, and has issued a preliminary ban on several of Samsung’s products.

Apple wants to ban Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well in the Netherlands
If you have been keeping track of the recent Apple vs Samsung legal proceedings in the EU, you will probably know by now that the German courts have lifted the injunction after they realized that they did not have the power to do a blanket injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which means Germany is the only country in which the injunction is still in effect.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 goes ahead with sales in the Netherlands
Samsung intends to steamroll their way forward with sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Netherlands, the only country left in the European Union (EU) that has yet to have its courts rule against the sale of the tablet after an injunction was filed by Apple. Tamara Villani, a Samsung spokeswoman in the Netherlands mentioned, “The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be on sale from Tuesday.”