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Lenovo Smart Storage Is A Wireless Data Storage Solution For The Future
Lenovo Smart Storage is the latest addition to the Chinese company’s mainstream smart home products. It’s a secure digital storage solution that can be configured with up to a massive 6TB of storage capacity. It features dual-band wireless access and muti-device auto-sync functionality so that users can access and share their files and data no matter where they might be in the world.

Seagate NAS and NAS Pro Network Storage for SMBs
Seagate has announced two network attached storage (NAS) products for small and medium businesses (SMBs) with two distinct NAS models. The first is the Seagate NAS which comes with either two or four HDD bays and has been designed to provide storage for an average of 25 employees. It is powered by a Marvell dual-core chip running at 1.2GHz

BitTorrent Sync Now Supports Network Attached Storage Devices
People love network attached storage or NAS devices for a reason. These devices require little or no maintenance yet they offer automated and responsive access to data on a local network while safeguarding users against disk drive failure. The only downside is that NAS devices don’t provide users with the ability to move data to another device outside the network it lives in. As an alternative users can choose to put […]

Toshiba Canvio Home 2TB and 3TB NAS
The Canvio Home Backup & Share is Toshiba’s new home network appliance (or home network attached storage/NAS) and will come with either 2TB or 3TB of disk storage. The device will be marketed as a personal cloud storage since it can server content both within the home and over the public internet as well. This has become a must-have feature since a big part of the appeal for customers is […]


Seagate Central Storage System
As we switch our lives to the digital world, more and more people would like to have a central repository for their content. Solutions have existed for some time, but for a while, getting a NAS and setting it up properly was out of the reach of the lay person who would rather spend time playing with the tech, than spend time setting it up. To be fair, nobody likes […]

LG N2T3 network attached storage
[CES 2012] So we took a gander at the LG N1A5 network attached storage, and here is another model that professionals and power users might want to look into – the LG N2T3 model that sports a 2-bay hard drive, supporting up to 4TB of storage space as well as a slot DVD writer. This plug-and-play setup will deliver a choice between selective mirroring or RAID support, depending on whichever […]

LG N1A5 network attached storage
[CES 2012] Here is something that you might actually mistake for an older generation Apple TV from far off – the LG N1A5 network storage system. Sporting 1TB of storage space, this integrated NAS (Network Attached Storage) will offer mobile and Web access thanks to iOS and Android support, and also boasts of an automatic PC folder backup. Accessing your content on the LG N1A5 should not be an issue […]

Drobo targets businesses with 12-bay Pro series
Drobo is a name that is commonly associated with networked attached storage solutions for the home as well as businesses, and they will be targeting the latter niche market this time round with the new B1200i that boasts a dozen bays alongside an iSCSI interface. Of course, apart from the ability to hold more storage space, it will also sport new tricks up its sleeve, such as a trio of […]

Synology DS1511+ holds up to 45TB of storage space
Just how low will your jaw drop if you know that the Synology DS1511+ DiskStation is capable of storing up to 45TB of data? That is right, this five-bay NAS is capable of accepting up to two DX510 expansion units for a total of up to 15 drives, and if you decide to go all out with 3TB drives, that can yield up to 45TB of storage – a figure […]

Plextor introduces 4-bay PX-NAS4 Network Attached Storage drive
Plextor would like to round up those who have half a grand to spare, as they have just introduced their new 4-bay PX-NAS4 Network Attached Storage drive that is going for $399 when it hits retail shelves before the month is over, hoping for small businesses to pick it up. After all, the PX-NAS4 delivers centralized file storage and sharing, carrying with it a couple of LAN ports with up […]

LaCie Network Space MAX unveiled
LaCie’s latest network-attached storage drive is known as the Network Space MAX, where this peripheral will hook up to your computer or LAN via its Gigabit Ethernet port, enabling a slew of other devices to share whatever data you allow on it, with the option to hook it up via USB as well (although expect data transfer rates to be slower then). Apart from that, you can also share a […]

Thecus N4200 NAS comes with 6D technology
One of the latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices from Thecus, the N4200, sports 6D technology, as it comes equipped with 1GB RAM and an Intel D510 1.66GHz dual-core processor. Relying on its dual DOM technology, one is able to benefit from two copies of the software required to operate the NAS device within the unit just in case one gets corrupted. A couple of displays located on the unit […]

Synology NAS drives announced
Synology has announced a couple of NAS drives that will target home consumers as well as those who are serious about enterprise usage. Powered by Intel processors, they run on an embedded Linux operating system for superior performance. First off is the enterprise-grade NAS, the Synology DS1010+ that boasts a five-bay expansion enclosure, capable of handling either 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA drives. Apart from that, it can manage RAID levels […]

IO-Data has unveiled its LAN DISK XR which is currently on schedule for an early February release. This new NAS is capable of holding up to a quartet of 3.5″ hard drives, boasting a maximum of 1TB of storage space. Since hot-swapping capability is supported, you will be able to change a faulty disc without having to shut down the entire NAS operation. Other connectivity options provided with the LAN […]

Hitachi SimpleNet Shares Turns USB Drives into NAS
Hitachi has released a few storage devices today, among which the SimpleTough and SimpleDrive Mini USB drives. But the more interesting release is SimpleNet ($79), a little USB to Ethernet box that turns the SimpleTough or SimpleDrive into a network attached storage (NAS) appliance on your local network.Fair warning: we don’t if there’s a need to install drivers or if the drive shows up as a Windows machine on the […]