[CES 2012] So we took a gander at the LG N1A5 network attached storage, and here is another model that professionals and power users might want to look into – the LG N2T3 model that sports a 2-bay hard drive, supporting up to 4TB of storage space as well as a slot DVD writer. This plug-and-play setup will deliver a choice between selective mirroring or RAID support, depending on whichever floats your boat. There is also an LG Smart TV app running inside known as Familycast, and it will also play nice with iOS and Android-powered smartphones as well as tablets.

Being DLNA-certified, the LG N2T3 comes with an intuitive Web user interface so that those who do not have an inkling on how to navigate through a network attached storage system should be able to dive in right away without missing a beat, since most of the stuff are easily figured out. Thank goodness for a graphical user interface! You can also access the LG N2T3 remotely via yourname.lgnas.com. We do not know how much this Energy Star 5.0 compliant NAS will cost, so stay tuned.

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