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Buffalo LinkStation 410 and LinkStation 420 Refresh
[CES 2013] Buffalo is coming up with two interesting models that are part of the 2013 refresh of the LinkStation line of network-attached storage (NAS). Both models feature a significant increase in performance (in MB/s) which is mainly due to a new processor (CPU) and a lot more memory. The CPU went from a frequency of 600Mhz to one of 1.6GHz, and the memory went from 64MB (DDR2) to 256MB […]

EnGenius Powerline Media Adapter Kits Announced
[CES 2013] If you’ve got multiple devices at home that requires connection to the internet, such as gaming consoles, audio/visual equipment and computers, then EnGenius’ newly announced Powerline adapter kits might be of interest to you. The company has announced several as part of the Powerline lineup, so depending on your needs, such as home or office, networking or gaming EnGenius is hoping that they will have something for you.

Iomega StorCenter ix2 as a networked video surveillance appliance: review
Network attached storage (NAS) appliances are becoming much smarter than being just “disks over Ethernet”. When Iomega came out with the StorCenter ix2 NAS at CES, they added powerful video surveillance/recording features, such as an internal API that is supported by several camera vendors, giving users choice over hardware, software and storage. Additionally, having a local storage for video recording allows entities like small businesses to keep their video-surveillance in-house, while […]

Western Digital MyNet N900
Western Digital is launching MyNet N900, a high-end router that has been designed to cater to the enthusiast market, which means people who have many connected computers (desktop, laptop), mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) and home appliances (streaming box, home server, game console). Interestingly enough, a large chunk of the prospect buyers will look for “better performance”, and that’s exactly what the MyNet N900 was designed to do.


Buffalo WiFi-AC AirStation WZR-D1800H Router and WLI-H4-D1300 Bridge
Back in December 2011, Broadcom was already promoting WiFi-AC, the next-generation WiFi home wireless network, and in January, Buffalo was demonstrating its WiFi-AC prototypes (based on a Broadcom chip) at CES. Today, Buffalo has just announced two WiFi-AC products: the AirStation WZR-D1800H Router and the WLI-H4-D1300 Bridge. Both are among the very first WiFi-AC products to hit the market, which is not completely surprising, given that Buffalo has a long string […]

D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 has HD Pan and Tilt capability
[CES 2012] D-Link makes the jump to the cloud with their D-Link Cloud Camera 5000, further enhancing their award-winning mydlink-enabled IP camera range this time around. The Cloud Camera 5000 is no ordinary camra, as it will bring pan/tilt capabilities and automatic day/night viewing to the table, while the mydlink-enabled D-Link Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera will be equipped with a microSD memory card slot that enables local […]

D-Link All-in-One Mobile Companion
[CES 2012] The D-Link All-in-One Mobile Companion, also known as the DIR-505 if your brain can better connect and identify with strange model numbers and names, will be able to deliver instant wireless access as long as there is an existing WiFi network which is available. This new portable device will also come with USB sharing capabilities, paving yet another avenue among many to share your favorite videos, music and […]

Next-gen WiFi-AC ships in H2 2012, says Broadcom
We just had a discussion with Broadcom executives in San Francisco, and one of the many interesting topics was 802.11AC which is the next-generation WiFi. Today, the most advanced form of WiFi for consumers is 802.11N or WiFi-N.According to Rahul Patel who is the VP of mobile and wireless at Broadcom, 802.11AC will show up in products in the second half of 2012, and this indicates that high-end 2012 Christmas […]

Belkin N750DB "Uber" Router Available In May
Belkin has announced that its N750DB router would be available in the next couple of weeks. The Belkin N750DB is the brand’s top of the line router and has features such as multiple antennas, multiple wireless bands, USD ports, wireless printing, network attached storage functionality.. and more. It comes with a default security setup so that novice users are protected from the start. People typically get only one router and […]

Cisco Linksys E1200 Wireless N router visits the FCC
Consumer wireless routers probably aren’t designed to last a lifetime and if you’re planning on upgrading your current home networking setup, you might want to take note that Cisco Linksys has just sent a new router labeled the E1200 over to the FCC. The device is listed as a single band Wireless N router with a maximum data transfer rate of 270Mbps. A picture of the router wasn’t available, but […]

Netgear Push2TV PVT2000 adapter visits the FCC
Netgear had previously unveiled its Push2TV technology via its PVT1000 device. The technology allows notebooks to wirelessly stream HD videos to a TV that’s connected to the box and works with notebooks that feature an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator and Intel WiFi Link networking adapter. Now another device, dubbed the PVT2000, has paid a visit to the FCC, though no specific details on […]

Belkin Introduces New Line Of Wireless Routers
Belkin has introduced its new line of routers that are designed to help you enjoy your digital content more, instead of having to busy yourself with all the nitty gritty stuff of networking. The new range consists of the Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max routers. The new range of routers offers various apps to make your life easier. The routers will set you back from $50-$130, depending on the […]

Netgear XAVB2501 Powerline adapter with pass-through
[CES 2010] Netgear has just announced the NETGEAR Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501). The package contains two adapters that can convey data at speeds of 200Mbps. It’s not the fastest raw speed out there, but Netgear’s new product has a twist: there’s a filtered pass-through that will basically save one electric plug from being occupied. That can come in handy in some situations. Also, the XAVB2501 support quality of […]

Netgear EVA9100 Digital Entertainer Express
[CES 2010] Netgear’s latest digital media player has just been unveiled at CES 2010, where it is known as the Digital Entertainer Express. For those who have a penchant for model numbers, that would be the EVA9100. The EVA9100 offers the serious media enthusiast an ideal solution for playback of video and audio from their computers, USB hard drives, network storage devices, iPods and digital cameras among others. Capable of […]