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T-Mobile Hints At Going Contract-Less On March 26
It was rumored earlier this month T-Mobile may become a contract-less network some time in March, specifically on March 24, and it looks as though the stars are aligning just right for it to become fact as the company has started to send out invitations for an exclusive event to be held next week.The event will take place on March 26 in New York City and its invite teases a possible […]

NYC Prototype Payphones Offer A Glimpse Into Phone Booth Future
With the rise in the popularity of mobile phones, the lowly payphone has been completely pushed aside as being only useful for homeless patrons to privately relieve themselves. Stumbling onto a payphone will probably result in an empty housing where an actual payphone once sat, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is looking to change that as he’s looking to upgrade the city’s 11,000 payphones.Bloomberg issued a challenge a […]

HTC Announces February 19 Launch Event Possibly For The HTC M7
We heard last week HTC was planning to launch its HTC M7 at a dedicated media event on February 19 and not during MWC, and wouldn’t you know it, an invite to an HTC event taking place in New York City made its way to our inbox. And you guys wouldn’t believe the date of the event. February. Nine. Teen.Yes – it looks as though previous reports of HTC launching its HTC […]

Google Launches Free Wi-Fi Service In Chelsea Neighborhood Of New York City
Google has been an official ISP only in Kansas City for a couple of months now, but its Google Fiber service is one many people are dying to get a slice of in their neighborhood. It looks as though Google’s ISP offerings will be hitting a major metropolitan area as they are announcing today the launch of a free Wi-Fi service in the Chelsea area of New York City.The move to offer […]


AT&T offers free Wi-Fi in select NYC parks
New York might be a sprawling metropolis, but that does not mean the place has no room for some greenery. There is this bunch of particularly iconic parks around the city, and apart from relaxing and exercising there, what else do you think you can do there? Of course, there are others who head to the park to get away from being connected, but there is also another group of […]

GroundLink car service comes to iOS and Android
If you’re living in New York, you’re probably familiar with the GroundLink car service. The good news for those living in New York and who utilizes GroundLink from time to time, or for those who may be new to the city, the car service has recently launched a mobile application that will allow users to make bookings and reservations for car services via an application along with some changes to […]

New York has the most Twitter users among cities
The city of New York has broken yet another record – this time around, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced that New York City alone contains more Twitter users within its walls compared to any other city in the world – while playing host to the second most Twitter developers worldwide. Of course, the majority of New Yorkers would not be surprised at this news considering the city boasts […]

Lasers Equipped Planes Map Out Rooftops Of New York City For Solar Power
Thanks to a plane equipped with laser, or more specifically Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), the plane was able to map out the rooftops of New York City thanks to laser pulses, which has also found use when mapping out forests and adaptive cruise control systems found in certain cars. The map was then used by the City University of New York (CUNY) to show that two-thirds of the city’s rooftops […]

AT&T to throw Wi-Fi blanket in 20 New York City parks
AT&T intends to blanket up to 20 of New York City’s parks with Wi-Fi connectivity – not that we’re complaining, of course, but hopefully what AT&T has in store will be able to work as promised or intended. Currently, there are people who have experienced AT&T’s Wi-Fi networks, and somehow it isn’t exactly up to expectations, but then again humans can be a difficult bunch to please, no? All we […]

NYC gets Allianz 4000, a hybrid street sweeper
Residents of the Big Apple who rise early will soon be able to see the Allianz 4000 hybrid street sweeper hit the, er, streets. This is touted to be the world’s first hybrid street sweeper, where it will have a 200 horsepower diesel engine that is aided by a couple of 12 volt lithium-ion batteries. With such mechanisms under the hood, the Allianz 4000 is capable of touching speeds of […]

New York City In 3D Thanks To Google Earth
With all the data that Google has in Google Maps and Google Earth, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see that Google has used all that data to come up with a 3D city effect of New York City. So now, instead of navigating boring city maps from the top-down, you can literally zoom into the city and move around at ground level, getting a feel […]